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Session 9 Notes

General Summary

The Mines, more and more, then OUT - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Lamlar (8th Day) & Ruamil (9th Day)

  • The party sets out, and goes down the ramp to the next level
  • After reaching the bottom of the mine shaft, the party spots a right to the right of the intersection
  • Party move into the main area under the bottom of the mine shaft, which has tunnels to the north, west, and east
  • Baeshra shines a light around and the party sees a statue in the corner
  • Fiske thinks the statue looks vaguely dwarvish, so he goes up to inspect it, and it attacks
  • Fiske then tries to talk/ration with the statue, and Merry casts a spell which knocks Fiske down
  • Scarlett runs in to attack the Gargoyle, which misses, and then it attacks Scarlett and Fiske
  • The party manages to finish off the statue, which turns to dust and pieces of rock in the middle of the room
  • The party then regroups and heads outside toward the light
  • At the mouth of the cave, the party finds they are at the bottom of a ravine, with a small stone building 20by25 just outside (it is empty, door unlocked)
  • The party hikes up the ravine, flask now makes bourbon, party reaches the top of the ravine trail
  • With spyglass look to both directions the trail leads, one path leads up the mountain, and there are two lookouts/outposts on the mountain, one path leads s/sw toward the sea, and there are buildings/a settlement that way
  • Party discusses who should lead the way into the settlement, and Varis puts on his “Roth” disguise so he looks like a human or half-human
  • Merry summons 2 rabbit with speak with animals spell, which Baeshra and Fiske then kill
  • The party has a light rabbit lunch before heading towards the village
  • They spot a rabbit in a trap on the way to the village (Adelen, they assume)
  • A young boy of around 8 sees them, as he is out looking at his rabbit traps, his name is Eric and he talks at length about the village
    • Blacksmith/Tanner his father, Hemming, and mom Sonya Hemming & Sonja Stryker
    • Seamstress is Tova and Ivan is the net maker Ivar & Tove Nordurm
    • several families of fisherman
    • Store/Tavern/Inn run by Gier Winterarm and Ingrid Winterarm
    • Teacher is Freijya Hendriksen
    • Mine has been shut down for awhile, with rumors of scare magical creatures that can come back to life
    • kid mentions Kord, god of strength
    • speaks about trade with other side of peak on the island
    • Carpenter is Loki Hegg
    • Couple, Siguard Dotseth and Hilde Dotseth grow olive trees in a grove further down the beach
    • Rationing of the oil due to crabs infestation
    • Boat in town every 4-6 weeks, last in town 2 weeks ago (2-4 weeks till it arrives again)
    • scary town on the north side of the island, wizards tower?
    • Winterarms don't like magic
    • Freya Freijya Hendriksen (speaks elvish) is from Benroth a city in Dukedom of Talmart (Duke Oscar, Duchess Zoe)
  • town is on bluff overlooking the ocean
  • decent sized inn in tavern, 2 stories, maybe 6-8 room
  • parts of the town are falling apart, population has moved on
  • Go with Eric back to his house, the black smith’s shop “The Black Shrimp”
  • blacksmith, (faded tattoos on his arms) tells of scary creatures rumored to be in the mine, skeletons, gargoyles, 4 armed skeletons (constructs? guardians? watchers? “a bitch” to fight)
  • party buys 2 mess kits (6 silver) and Hemming offers to make simple items the party needs on a case by case basis
  • On the cliff’s edge, there is a small shrine (no particular god)
  • Winterarms, who own the tavern called The Wandering Flagon, are followers of Kord
  • Enter the Tavern/Inn, and the barman Gier Winterarm has a military bearing, weathered skin, pours you all a drink, and when asked, says you can call him "Sir" until better acquainted (all lizard/tieflings are hooded at this point)

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
19 Apr 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island Ruby Mine
Secondary Location

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