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Hemming & Sonja Stryker

  • Hemming (36 Human, born 1257) Bald, light green eyes, large build, small tattoo on his arm, always has a crazy story to tell, friendly, likes dwarves and wants to learn more about dwarven smithing. He is both Blacksmith and Tanner of this store called The Black Shrimp
  • Sonja (35 Human, Born 1258) she just keeps house, blonde, brown eyes, also very strong. Great cook, but does not talk much around family, all who are talkers.
  • Children - 3 kids, 8 (Eric), 10 (Kevin), 12 all three have blonde hair, green eyes, thin, gaunt features, brown pants, cream shirt. Eric is overly friendly, wants to get off island (never stops talking).

Current Location

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