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Session 11 Notes

General Summary

Celebration and Crabs - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Ruanae (10th Day)

  • Roth suggest that we investigate where the crabs came from
  • Baeshra and Roth investigate and find a hole were they came from
  • Baeshra digs a ways down but finds nothing; Roth ties a rope to Baeshra and work his way down the hole in the ground, finding nothing
  • Roth yanks on the rope and Baeshra pulls him up fast enough that Roth is coughing up dirt once he is above ground
  • Roth describe what he found and suggest that Merry collapses the ceiling with the spell that she used that hit Fiske
  • Merry does so and we head into town with Baeshra dragging the cart with 2 crabs in his mouth and Fiske/Scarlet each carrying one
  • Fisk and Roth greet Gier Winterarm and tell him we've kill the crabs
  • Gier Winterarm agrees to take 4 crabs for food/drink/board for the party
  • After discussion with the group, we donate the rest of the crabs to the town to have a big crab boil
  • Fiske has a conversation with Roth in Elvish about consuming olive oil
  • Baeshra talks with Gier Winterarm and Ingrid Winterarm about setting things up in the town square for the festival...eventually, Baeshra fireballs the town square to start cooking everything
  • We eat lunch at the inn, Scartlett tries the olive oil
  • Fiske heads off to the town shrine, then the beach
  • Eric runs up to the party, gets berated by Freijya Hendriksen for leaving school (at lunchtime)
  • After lunch, Roth heads over to the "school" ( Freijya Hendriksen's house) and hear lessons going on, so Roth walks back to the tavern
  • Baeshra makes a shield from leftover carapaces...Roth asks if he can make a buckler and Baeshra says maybe
  • Schoolchildren leave Freijya Hendriksen's and she joins the women in cooking for the 'festival'
  • Entire village shows for dinner - we're introduced s 'Sventlini' (Draconic for Slayers - suggested by Baeshra because we are 'Crab Slayers')
  • Fiske takes a shot of olive oil...Roth fills the glass with tequila, which he also drinks Scarlett does not like tequila
  • During a talk with Freijya Hendriksen, she mentions that some farmers are on the other side of the island and that her grandfather was killed in the mine
  • Group discusses with Gier Winterarm about a letter of recommendation (to the military lighthouse), concerns about the mine, and a possible cause of the lessening amount of fish harvest
  • Next morning, Gier Winterarm provides letter of introduction, directions to the lighthouse
  • Group heads to the lighthouse, we're stopped at the gate by the keeper

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
17 May 2018
Primary Location

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