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Session 18 Notes

General Summary

Fixing Fish Issues, Folding Boat Trial & Attack of Sea Hags - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Lafael (16th Day) and Fisro (17th Day)

  • Roth wakes up early, prays, and the fishermen all go out to fish without seeing Roth watching them
  • The party then has breakfast at the tavern
  • Roth then goes around town to look for other ruins and finds a message written in thieves cant that says "Information or goods, good price - see the thirds mate" (26 perception)
  • Roth goes to the wood pile and finds the burned piece of wood is still there
  • Party has a lazy day in town and reads/drinks while waiting to see what happens with the fishing boats
  • The fishing boats return, and the Pearl Prize and the Storm Catcher both have full baskets of fish, but not the Fog Wanderer
  • The party then decides to try the same thing to the Fog Wanderer to fix its fishing problem
  • While on the beach, the party chats with Gier & Aulda of the Fog Wanderer, who want to see the magic boat, which Roth shows them at their request
  • After all the fishermen leave, Fiske and Roth find a ruin on a plank on the Fog Wandered, burn it, remove the plank, replace it and use mending to fix it
  • Roth then takes a burned piece of wood and drops it surreptitiously in the Blacksmith's wood pile
  • Roth then chats with the blacksmith, orders a drink carrier for the flasks and asks to have it stamped with elvish for "the deadliest weapon"
  • Roth returns to the tavern to have a drink and read about the beasts in the book from Freijya Hendriksen
  • Scarlett, and Merry try to stay on the beach all night to keep a look out for the sea hags, to see if they try to re-curse the boats
  • Roth has drinks and dinner at the tavern, then goes to sleep early to avoid Scarlett
  • Scarlett tries to have Gerry the crab guard the boat as well, but he just falls asleep with her
  • The next morning, Roth goes down to the beach and sees the rest of the party sleeping
  • Roth then stays keeping watch, nothing happens, dawn breaks
  • The flask produces tequila and Scarlett asks if Gerry the crab can try some tequila
  • Gerry tries the tequila, which he very much enjoys, and almost gets eaten by Baeshra
  • Roth goes to the blacksmith to retrieve the ordered holster for his flask
  • The party then tests out the boat in the harbor area not too far from the town to see how sea worthy the folding boat is after repairs
  • 2 Sea Hags emerge, one on either side of the boat causing Baeshra to panic, swipe at on of the hags before jumping off the boat and swimming away
  • Merry then shoots one of the hags with a cross bow, and mayhem ensues
  • One of the hags casts a spell that is lightening and lights part of the boat on fire
  • Baeshra returns in dolphin form, and the party fights off the two sea hags
  • The sea hags then retreat and the party flees back to town with wind magic to make the boat go faster
  • Roth then drops a note in the empty potion bottle which apologizes for the way the encounter happened and to contact Fiske, which Roth then throws into the water in their direction

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
30 Aug 2018
Primary Location

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