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Session 16 Notes

General Summary

Library visit and god visit - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Ruanes (14th Day)

  • Roth wakes up, prays, and goes to the beach to watch the sunrise
  • Roth sees a person on the beach working on a boat doing a small repair, he has short brown hair, brown eyes, and Roth offers him so vodka from the flask
  • Roth then offers him 10 gp to fix what he can of the folding boat
  • The carpenter immediately was enthralled by the magic of the folding boat that Roth showed him, and he happily took the 5 gp down payment and starts preparing for the repairs
  • While speaking of the folding boat and boat repairs, the carpenter mentioned Freijya Hendriksen might have some books on magic
  • After breakfast, Roth walks over to Freijya Hendriksen's to find a book, sees 12 kids and her in the front room, so Roth heads back to the inn
  • Roth asks Gier Winterarm about when the children are done with school, and he mentions that the children have a lunch at noon, Roth then tips Gier Winterarm a gold, gets a beer and then goes upstairs to read the Diary of Elric, which he found
  • Fiske then goes to the ocean, see dolphins signaling to him, and he goes out to meet his diety
  • Fiske then gets some information on the island, about his father, elves in general, and the presence of sea hags near the island
  • Merry then finds Roth and asks about the boat, Roth says he is getting it fixed and they talk about possibly taking the fixed boat to the mainland
  • Roth reaches the end of the diary that he was reading, finding a recipe for a poison called the Sleep Draught (contact poison), which can be administered over 5 days to slowly kill a target
  • Roth and Merry sit in the pub and discuss viols and other musical instruments while waiting to get into the library at Freijya Hendriksen's without children
  • Merry finds out the name of the shipwright is Loki Hegg and the crab that Scarlett found on the beach is called Gerry
  • At lunch time, Roth goes over to speak with Freijya Hendriksen and borrows a book of elvish poetry called "Songs of the Forest and Sea" and a book of local mythology in common
  • Roth offers to let Freijya Hendriksen hold onto the Diary of Elric until he returns the two books he borrowed
  • Roth reads a "Song of the Forest and Sea" during lunch, the book is divided into seasons, and he read winter
  • Fiske calls Roth a strange one when he came back into the inn for lunch, so Roth casts chill touch on Fiske's tankard, which breaks, and Merry repairs, Gier Winterarm is not amused
  • Fiske then goes to the table and blurts out "Sea Hags! God Dolphin!" and when the party just looks at him with confusion, he storms outside
  • The party then decides to follow him to make sure he does not hurt himself or others
  • Fiske then goes down to the beach and where the boats are visible from the shore
  • The party then prevents him from going out to the fishing boats and interacting with them and possibly the sea hags
  • Scarlett then casts speak with animals to speak with the crabs on the beach, like Gerry
  • The crabs were able to talk to Scarlett about the scary ladies and confirm something might exist off the island like a sea hag
  • While the party waits for the fishing boats to return Roth and Baeshra go off to try to find the ingredients for the poison he read about, and he is able to find poppies, rootwort, and dandelions, he was not able to find anise seed

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
19 Jul 2018
Primary Location

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