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Brell Island

This island in the middle of the entrance to the Bay of Songs, set in the waters between the Dukedoms of Talmart and Alson. The west side of the bay of songs is lawless and the island was thought to be a major strategic value in the human dukedoms. There was a fall in the strategy value of the island over the years, and it is now part of the Dukedom of Talmart, while now only has a token military presence. The only settlement is Adelen, a very small fishing village.


A tall peak sits in the middle of the island, with a coastal region made up mainly of steep rocky cliffs, small sandy beaches and caves. There are a few stone monoliths off the coast, creating a trailing effect off the island wandering off into the sea. The climate is mild, almost Mediterranean, with olive groves and abundant fishing. The north side of the peak is a grassland with some vegetation but mainly rolling grasses. There is a swamp area on the northern side of the island which is out of keeping with the rest of the natural environment of the island. There are few major predators and only a few humans left in two small area, a farming community run by the Brevik Farming Community on the grassland and fisherman in Adelen. A Brell Lighthouse stands on the southern most point and is the last hold out of a once strong military presence. The north side of the island holds a Wizards's Tower that has mainly been ignored by the locals for the last two-three generations. The closed up Brell Island Ruby Mine is mostly forgotten as well.

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