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Session 10 Notes

General Summary

Civilization, well people, and Giant Crabs - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon Lamlar Ruamil (9th Day) & Ruanae (10th Day)

  • As Gier Winterarm walks in the back, calling to his wife that the rooms upstairs will need to be freshened up, they have guests
  • In the corner of the inn, split door or dutch door with both sections closed, and a signed that says “closed” (general store?)
  • Ale is served by Gier Winterarm , of average quality
  • While conversing with Gier Winterarm , they find out that
    1. The mine has been closed for 85 years
    2. No one is interested in clearing the mine, no rubies, no threats outside the mine
    3. Giant crabs are invading the Olive Grove on Brell just up the coast
    4. He, Gier Winterarm will take some of the giant crabs in exchange for room and food/drinks
  • Fiske on hearing that, grabs his spear and leaves in search of crabs (it is dusk)
  • Gier Winterarm suggests that we wait, and have a bit of dinner
  • Rune Winding the standing sergeant at the lighthouse should have records of the mine
  • Gier Winterarm offers to write us a letter of introduction to Rune Winding after we have taken care of the crabs
  • Merry, Scarlet, Baeshra, and Roth have drinks/dinner
  • Fiske returns shortly afterward and eats the stew
  • Merry/Scarlett have an extended discussion in Infernal
  • Merry plays the flute after eating to pass the time
  • Innkeeper Gier Winterarm sends Siguard Dotseth and Hilde Dotseth, the owners of the olive grove, over to the table
  • Hilde Dotseth offers gold to exterminate the crabs, as well as some olive oil and some of the crab meet
  • Siguard Dotseth and Hilde Dotseth have been on the island for 6-7 years, after a magical issue in their previous area which harmed plant re-growth
  • Roth gives Fiske shots from the flask after some muttered Elvish
  • Siguard Dotseth and Hilde Dotsethtell the party the carbs are mainly on the first terrace of trees
  • Fiske gets drunk, wife of innkeeper, Ingrid Winterarm leads scarlett upstairs, and Scarlett carries up a drunk Fiske
  • Hemming & Sonja Stryker Eric (plus 2 other boys) come in to visit, Eric sits behind Merry and watches her play
  • Party long rests
  • Roth takes 4 hours, prays at shrine, watches sunrise on the beach, hears speaking of two parents, who have noticed child’s new interest in the sea, then returns to inn
  • Gier Winterarm asks where Roth is from, and he says “Lismoran” (city on the sea side, not bay side of Miross) and the Roth is a “Man of Letters”
  • Gier Winterarm mentions that Roth would like Freijya Hendriksen , the teacher, who is the most educated person in the area
  • Party eats a light breakfast then heads to the olive grove
  • Party prepares an ambush on the 1st tier, and Baeshra calls the crabs with “speak with animals’ and then casts spite growth, trapping and injuring most of the crabs
  • The party is then able to pick off the rest of the crabs in the grove
  • The crabs then start attacking up the stairs (from the beach/ocean area)
  • The party then takes down all the crabs in the grove
  • Side note, the spice pot seems to be refilling itself
  • Baeshra then goes giant wolf to help take down the rest to the crabs on the stairs and on the beach
  • The party defeats all the crabs
  • Hilde Dotseth keeps 2 giant crabs for meet, gives the party 25 gp and 4 gallons of olive oil (1 gallon is roughly 50 gp), and offers to bring the party crab cakes later that night
  • 12 giant crabs are taken on a cart (pulled by giant wolf) borrowed from S&H, plus 2 which are carried by Scarlett back to the inn (it is around lunchtime)

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
26 Apr 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Olive Grove on Brell

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