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Preface to Ur

Overview of Mir

The Planet of Mir exists in a larger universe known as the Smoke of Shadows. The Smoke of Shadows is infinite in size and mass, and unlike our own experience, it is made of up a thick, black smoke-like fog rather than void. Within this fog exists pockets where stars are born and give rise to solar systems. In one such pocket, a being known as Yeor came into existence taking the form of a large, white star and began to partition himself into a new race known as the Engellic Spirits and this region of the Smoke of Shadow became known as the Divine Light. Far from and long after the formation of the Divine Light came Urye the Leviathan. Evolved from natural machinations over millions of years, he could feel Yeor and his Divine Light far off in the distance. Urye attempted to mimic Yeor and inevitably created Mir, falling asleep and drifting into the Smoke of Shadow, lost.

Life on Mir came from evolution, it's distance from the Divine Light leaving it undisturbed. On its surface, biological life came to fruition and resulted in many species coming to inhabit the planet with abundant variety. Humanity is one such species. In the constant struggle to survive and coupled with the innate intelligence of the human race, they developed a soul through conflict. This new energy source spanned the cosmos and Yeor felt it's presence. In response, the Divine Light dispatched four of his greatest aspects known as the l'Gota. They were known as Zhizn, Stenok, Eyinan and Vybor. Upon arriving and observing humanity, they bestowed the knowledge necessary to form society and other complex learnings required to sustain an intelligent society. It as not long after that the four l'Gota came to blows over how to harness this unique source of energy upon the death of a human being, the battles fought becoming known as the War of Souls.

It is now approaching 2000 years after the War of Souls, the l'Gota have left and hidden beyond the great mountain range known as the Wall, leaving their continents, the Seraphim, behind. Humanity has come to thrive and formed great empires and civilizations across the continent of Insennis, itself having grown green once again after the harsh landscape of war had consumed it. That is, all but for the region of Ur, a small dessert located in the in the southeastern part of a greater region known as Innerheart.  

The Region of Ur

A large desert located south of Seva and west of the Zjin'au swamps on the other side of the southern Aleyn mountains. It is an ancient landscape still yet unrecovered from the War of Souls. A dry climate, it is home to little life, and even less of a human population.   What human settlements exist here can be usually be found near the edge of the mountains out of the floodplains reach, where the streams flowing from the mountains are still fresh and rarely dry up. A notable settlement is that of Aic Ocuel, a small village located against the foothills of the mountains in a remote part of the land. It is often the region most associated with the Cult of the Deciever, and the group themselves are currently located there in search of the last known Signalum, an instrument of the end-times.


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Aic Ocuel
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Ancient machines of evil design.

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