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Unified Deep Space Administration

As the number of spacefaring species in the ever-growing known space grew, the UDSA grew out of a need to have better cooperation between species. It is a loose alliance of over a hundred species focusing on regulating space exploration, while preserving the sovereignty of the members.   The emblem of the UDSA, a circle with three smaller circles cut out, represents the space between planets, which the UDSA was founded to regulate and explore.


The UDSA's main decision-making body is a council involving each member species called the General Assembly. Any major decisions including acceptance of new members must be passed by this council. More everyday administrative matters are handled by various committees. Of special note is the Exploration and Defense Fleet, which technically has the standing of a committee in that it stands under the General Assembly but has autonomy in most everyday matters.

Public Agenda

As the name implies, the UDSA is more concerned with external matters and does not interfere much with internal affairs of its member states. Unless defined by other documents, the general rule is that the UDSA controls space above 10 times the minimum sustainable orbital altitude, or twice the altitude of the outermost natural satellite if there are any, of its member planets.   The UDSA's primary goal is to unify the exploration and research efforts in regions of space not known to be inhabited, by sharing of data and technology between member species and the Exploration and Defense Fleet. The UDSA is also tasked with assisting in defense from aggressive non-members and natural threats via the EDF, as well as mediating disputes between members.

Demography and Population

The UDSA currently has 113 member species. The most notable members, including founding members, are listed in the List of UDSA Members.   Each species has their own words for the UDSA and various related institutions. A sample of translations of the name is shown below.  
Vjinxìrgìnzia gángj́iárna v́v̂íar
Yyrhxenxakterhy chr xashyrhe
Cemkarjyjeitbaara yyzgarya-caanuk facdraliivr
UDSA Emblem by Zhuriel
The official emblem of the UDSA
Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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Articles under Unified Deep Space Administration

Cover image: by Zhuriel
  • UDSA Standard Date -3871
    Alliance of Griavin and Yytsuuri
    Diplomatic action

    An early alliance between the Griavin and the Yytsuuri set the stage for what would later become the UDSA.

  • UDSA Standard Date -2511
    Xicced join the Alliance
    Diplomatic action

    The Xicced are the third species to join the alliance that would later become the UDSA.

  • UDSA Standard Date 0
    Foundation of the UDSA

    The members of the previous alliance ratify a new treaty that turns it into the Unified Deep Space Administration.

  • UDSA Standard Date 7469
    Hksri join the UDSA
    Diplomatic action

  • UDSA Standard Date 27834
    Humans join the UDSA
    Diplomatic action

  • UDSA Standard Date 42856
    Uruu-Hili join the UDSA
    Diplomatic action

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