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Draanjin V Agianar

Draánjín v[3122] Àgiànar (/drāánʑín ɸ͎̄ɸ͎̏ɸ͎̀ː àgīànār/; see Vjin) is the current Primary Speaker of the General Assembly of the Unified Deep Space Administration. He is currently serving his 5th term (3rd consecutive).

Physical Description

Facial Features

As with most Griavin dignitaries, no images of Draanjin's face are publically available due to the taboo of showing one's face in public.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Draanjin was born on Zainzrai, the fifth moon of the Iinzraita gas giant system. After spending his early years on that moon, he was selected for the griavin diplomatic corps and began frequently travelling first around the neighboring moons and then around interstellar space as part of his training.   He later became part of the Griavin delegation in the UDSA general assembly. After some time, he gained a very good reputation among other delegates and was voted into the position of primary speaker, which he has held for a total of five terms, one two-term streak followed by the current three-term streak.

Morality & Philosophy

Draanjin is known for strongly supporting exploration and scientific inquiry into the Megastructure. While this focus has contributed majorly to his dominance in the primary speaker elections, it has also drawn criticism for neglecting other issues, particularly those of corporate overreach and exploitation, that have been highlighted by the rise of Offworld Hydrocarbons in tandem with the exploration of the Ark and the Megastructure.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

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