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Deep Space Base M2, (DSB-M2) formerly designated DSB-138, is the primary base of operations for the Unified Deep Space Administration in Gate Town. It followed DSB-M1  (previously DSB-137) as a larger base was needed to support the increasing number of UDSA-affiliated settlements in Gate Town.


DSB-M2 consists of a large cross-shaped primary structure built around a central biodome. The arms of the cross shape are 300m wide and stretch 350m each from the central dome, which has a diameter of 300m.   Each of the arms is built for a different purpose - the arm closest to the Main Gate is used by the Exploration and Defense Fleet as a base of operations for all Megastructure operations, and includes hangars for smaller ships as well as a docking spire for larger ships. Counterclockwise from the EDF arm is an administrative arm housing various UDSA offices responsible for coordinating UDSA-affiliated settlements on the Megastructure, as well as most of the permanent quarters on DSB-M2. Facing away from the Main Gate is the public arm, which contains common facillities such as restaurants and event halls, in addition to temporary visitor quarters. The final arm contains engineering facilities such as power generation and storage rooms. The power generation capabilities are generously overdesigned, and provide power to numerous other close-by structures.
Founding Date
UDSA standard date 47424
Government complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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