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Free City Acnaryyned

The Free City of Acnaryyned (Cemkarjy: /ɐʟ̥nɐʀɯunɛd/; roughly "the liberated") is a space habitat complex in Gate Town which proclaims independence from any planetary or interstellar government.


The Free City is open to all species, including those not typically welcomed in UDSA settlements such as the Strilstsk.


Acnaryyned claims to be a fully direct democracy with all major policy decisions being decided by votes of the entire population. Unlike the similar system used by the Orr Confederation, which the Free City sources its voting systems from, there does not seem to be any age minimums or maximums for voting.


It is unclear whether the Free City was born out of an ad-hoc aggregation of habitats or a planned establishment. First records of the name are found around Standard Date 47120, however structures at the current location date back to significantly before that date.
Founding Date
ca. 47120
Inhabitant Demonym
Acnaryyned (sg.) ; Acnaryyneder (pl.)
Location under

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Cover image: by Zhuriel


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