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Intrepid Dome

The Intrepid Dome, housing the headquarters of Intrepid Interstellar Trading Corporation, is the largest structure (besides the Megastructure it is built on) in Gate Town.


Intrepid Dome is a 4.8km diameter hemispherical biodome constructed from transparent alloy and duranium. Parts of the dome are left non-transparent to mount day-night cycle simulation lighting. All transparent alloy sections are multilayered and feature backup forcefield generators.   The inside of the dome is divided into five major sections. The central city section contains the towering Intrepid headquarters and various other large commercial and  buildings. Around it, four zones containing artificial biospheres with different climate parameters simulating earth's four seasons, on a roughly earth-synchronized yearly rotation, featuring recreational areas and buildings as well as higher-cost housing.   The actual dome sits on top of a support structure containing atmospheric support systems, power generation, food supply, storage bays and low-cost residential structures.
Arcology / Residential Complex
Parent Location

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Cover image: by Zhuriel


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