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The Megastructure

A black mass blotting out stars from afar, and a sheer wall from close up - The Megastructure, as it simply has become known over the decade since its discovery, is an artificial structure of unknown purpose, age and origin. It is presumed to have been built by the Titans , though there is little evidence for this other than there being no other known large-scale artificial objects of unknown origin.   The outer shell of the Megastructure is spherical and has a diameter of approximately 10 light years. It is constructed of the material known as Aereum, however this only partially explains the unexpectedly low gravity. It is presumed there is some additional technological measure that lowers gravitational forces to around one tenth of earth surface level on the outer surface of the Megastructure.   At present, only 4 points of entry are known, the largest of which - a gaping tunnel nearly 32km in diameter commonly called the Main Gate - has become the primary hub for people wishing to enter the Megastructure. A large settlement commonly called Gate Town has sprung up around the Main Gate, where artifacts from the Megastructure are traded and an entire economy for supplying explorers has developed.   Beyond the main gate, a tunnel extends for a long distance with occasional branches. Halfway to where the tunnel ends leading into Open Structure , a network of tunnels called the Grid Layer extends, presumably around the entire sphere. Along the tunnel, there are two settlements - Crossroads  at the point where the Grid Layer branches out, and Frontier  at the end of the tunnel.
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Articles under The Megastructure

Cover image: by Zhuriel
  • UDSA Standard Date 46767
    Discovery of the Megastructure
    Discovery, Exploration

    The Megastructure is discovered during a technology validation expedition by the DSS Falcon. The mission was to investigate the cause of jump deviations in the Entangled Tachyon Pulse Spacetime Tunnel Propulsion System, and found the Megastructure to be the focus of a repelling effect on jump target positions.

  • UDSA Standard Date 46770
    Public Announcement of Discovery
    Discovery, Exploration
  • UDSA Standard Date 46779
    Beginnings of Gate Town

    First expeditions of various organizations arrive at the Megastructure and begin establishing forward bases, which would later become what is now known as Gate Town.

    Gate Town
  • UDSA Standard Date 46791
    Construction of DSB-137
    Construction beginning/end

  • UDSA Standard Date 46907
    Construction of Intrepid Dome
    Construction beginning/end
    Intrepid Dome


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