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Rhiixysh Shipyards

Rhiixysh Shipyards (rhiixysh xashyrkaarh chrda, /ʀiːk͡ɬəɬ k͡ɬaɬərk͡χaːʀ χr̩da/) is the self-proclaimed "cheapest place to store your ship" in Gate Town. Owned and operated by a Xicced which it is named after, the shipyard is located at the edge of The Tubes, much farther from the Main Gate than most competitors. The location in the less-regulated area of Gate Town makes it very popular among less-than-legal organizations, however Rhiixysh is known to be hard to bribe and to cooperate with law enforcement.


The shipyards complex consists mostly of docking areas for small starships, with two small and one medium maintenance bay. Fuel storage and a small number of temporary storage units are also on site.   Besides these facilities construction uses the generic modules commonly used in the Tubes for administration and common areas.
Orbital, Shipyard
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