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This diminutive species is famous for their engineering prowess. While the Xicced (/k͡ɬiʔked/) are not generally innovators, they produce engineers who are excellent at keeping things running and making things work together, aided by their four arms and heat-sensing pit organs.

Basic Information


Xicced typically range between 0.8m and 1.1m in height, with relatively short but flexible legs and two pairs of arms. They are able to use their arms to great effect to use multiple types of tools and are often omnidextrous.   Xicced are covered in thick fur ranging from black to various brown and gray hues, typically of uniform coloration but occasionally featuring subtle patterns. The fur is shorter on the arms and head, however some individuals have longer hair on the chin. This chin hair or beard occasionally causes humans to presume the Xicced to be male, which is usually incorrect as most Xicced are neither male nor female. The facial hair trait seems to have originally been a regional trait, however with global mixing on the Xicced homeworld this has not been the case for centuries.   The head of a Xicced features a slightly elongated snout bearing what to humans appears to be three pairs of nostrils but is in fact two pairs of nostrils and a pair of pit organs for perceiving heat.

Genetics and Reproduction

The reproductive system of the Xicced is unusual in that they are almost exclusively hermaphroditic, barring genetic defects.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Besides excellent eyesight, Xicced also possess a pair of pit organs able to perceive infrared wavelengths, allowing them to locate sources of heat easily at large distances.   Additionally, they have two sets of nostrils, through which they can pump air using specialized musculature to smell without breathing in.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Since Xicced do not form families, they do not use any indication of lineage in their names, instead just using a single given name. However, it is common to refer to achievements, occupations or other things an individual may be known for as an addition to or even in place of the name, even when not necessary for disambiguation of identical names.

Gender Ideals

As Xicced are normally hermaphroditic, they do not as a culture have a concept of gender. There is no concept of grammatical gender or gendered pronouns in any of the Xicced languages, and they will generally be confused by discussion of gender as a lot of the concepts are exceedingly hard to translate.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The most common Xicced language is Yyrhxen.

Common Dress Code

Xicced view clothing very practically; it is primarily used to protect the fur and skin from dirt and damage, and where protection is not necessary it is common to wear minimal or no clothing. The style of minimal clothing worn inside dwellings is called Kiinshaar Cedngec. When inviting visitors, or when visiting other cultures, Xicced will typically wear clothing as required (or as they assume is required) by the visitor's culture out of respect.
Rhiixysh by Nincho
A typical member of the species.
60-70 earth years
Average Height
0.8m - 1.1m
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