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Ychreengdl (Yyrhxen: /əχreːŋdɹ̩/) is a drug used by Xicced refined from the roots of the Ychreen tree. It has mild hallucinogenic effects on Xicced, but has not shown any significant effects in other species.

History & Usage


Traditionally, Ychreengdl was created directly on the roots by exposing them in burrows dug around the base of the tree. This forms a special type of bark, which when heated generates the active compounds of the drug. The burning of the bark was a major social event with many members of the burrow taking part in the ceremony and partaking the Ychreengdl. The chambers with Ychreen roots, due to being stabilized by the presence of said roots, were typically also some of the most stable in the burrow, leading them to often become a major gathering place. Ychreen Chrda (lit. "Ychreen place") still is an informal term for a gathering space in modern Yyrhxen for this reason.   There are modern Ychreen Chrda, which offer rooms where people can communally partake in Ychreengdl, however rather than burning the root bark these modern equivalents use a highly refined form directly from the roots. This refined form has a much higher yield and contains less harmful byproducts. In some areas, traditional Ychreen Chrda are still operated for special occasions, but this is relatively rare.

Everyday use

Ychreengdl is fairly popular among Xicced, with studies showing about 40% of Xicced having used the drug at least once and 20% using it on a regular basis. This is a significant decrease from historical figures, as in pre-modern times over 90% of Xicced are estimated to have consumed the drug at some point in their lives.   The most popular form of consumption is the use of the refined form in portable electronic vaporizers. This may be handheld devices for a single user or more commonly tabletop vaporizers for communal consumption. Modern Ychreen Chrda, using similar techniques, exist in most areas with significant Xicced populations.


Pure Ychreengdl is only mildly addictive and does not pose any significant health risks to Xicced in the doses typically consumed. Large overdoses have been reported to result in brain damage, but occur only very rarely.   Traditional Ychreengdl created by burning Ychreen root bark contains significant amounts of combustion byproducts and can therefore cause respiratory issues if consumed regularly.   For species other than the Xicced, the effects are typically negligible and the compound is excreted easily, however some species including the Hili are unable to process it normally and require injections of a decomposition enzyme if exposed to large amounts.

Enviromental Impact

Traditional Ychreengdl directly harms the roots of the Ychreen trees, and overproduction can lead to the death of the tree in question. Typically, any given section of root may generate new layers of bark up to three times while staying viable, but any further use for Ychreengdl can lead to the root dying.   Modern Ychreengdl production is tightly controlled, with only the roots of trees which have been felled for wood production and ecosystem control being used for the refining process. As the refining process is far more efficient than the traditional method, this is mostly sufficient but has led to price increases due to limited supply.


Law & Regulation

Ychreengdl production is strictly regulated and the sale is restricted to Xicced of legal age, with limits on the amount sold to individuals at one time. Ychreen Chrda are also regulated, with regular checks mandated to ensure proper age checks are conducted and sufficiently pure products are used, however the level of strictness these are enforced with varies regionally. Traditional Ychreen Chrda are allowed to exist under an exception for cultural heritage, but are required to display warning signs regarding the risks of respiratory issues caused by the combustion byproducts.
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