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Internal Stability Commission

The Internal Stability Commission is a controversial branch of the UDSA which is responsible for preventing internal conflict within and between member cultures.

Public Agenda

The ISC was established to prevent civil wars within the UDSA. Its primary goal is internal intelligence to gather information about any potential incidents before they occur. Unlike most other branches of the UDSA administrative structure, the ISC is very opaque in its operation due to this. Only the Primary Speaker of the General Assembly, members of the General Assembly elected to specific committee positions, and the highest levels of leadership of the Exploration and Defense Fleet have insight into operations, while publically only overall budget numbers and the location of administrative headquarters are known.   This secrecy is widely criticized, particularly in light of the large budget and lack of visible results, however supporters argue that the latter is due to the nature of the ISC operating mostly preventatively.
Government, Secret Service
Parent Organization

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