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Member of the UDSA

The Yytsuuri (/ɯut͜sʼuːʀi/) are the most similar to humans among other UDSA members, however they are noted for a high rate of cybernetic augmentation and for requiring breathing assistance in UDSA standard atmospheric conditions.

Basic Information


Yytsuuri have an almost identical overall body plan to humans, though they are shorter and stockier due to their homeworld having higher gravity. Their skin is a dark tone with intricate white patterns, particularly on the arms and face. Their faces feature no nasal protrusion, instead two widely-spaced nostrils which can be closed at will. They have a three-part jaw and wide mouth which allows them to ingest large amounts of food at once, and are very dextrous in the use of their jaws and tongues.

Ecology and Habitats

The Yytsuuri originate from a relatively high-gravity planet, however they have little issue adapting to the lower gravity environments found on UDSA facilities and other planets.   Their home planet's atmosphere contains significant amounts of nitrous oxide, and the Yytsuuri breathing apparatus requires nitrous oxide for proper function. While they are able to subsist on more common oxygen-based atmospheres, prolonged nitrous oxide deprivation can result in permanent damage. Many Yytsuuri choose to get cybernetic augmentations to ensure the correct breathing gas, however it is common practice at UDSA facilities to store breathing equipment to lend to those who do not.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Yytsuuri typically carry two given names and no family names. However, it is common for them to use nicknames, potentially several different ones varying by social groups, to avoid duplicate names in any situation.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Yytsuuri society places heavy emphasis on respecting individuality. It is not uncommon especially among youths to see competition as to who can be most unlike their peers. Cybernetic augmentation is often sought as a way to increase individuality, and Yytsuuri have one of the highest rates of cybernetic augmentation, and by far the highest rate of cosmetic cybernetics.   This also extends to career choices, and where some other species like the Griavin or Xicced show clear leanings towards some fields of study or work, Yytsuuri tend to spread out over a variety of fields.

Historical Figures

Likely the most well known Yytsuuri is the noted scientist, author of The Similarity Conundrum and founder of the Nyberg Institute, Nyberg Yyah.

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