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UDSA Standard Date

The UDSA  uses a calendar based on that of the Griavin as it's standard format for date interchange due to its simplicity and coincidentally relatively easy quick conversion to the traditional calendars of several other early UDSA members. The system is based on the orbital period of the Griavin home world Iinzrai, which orbits its homeworld once roughly every 3.6 earth days.

There is no equivalent of months or years; Iinzrai does not exhibit significant climate differences throughout the orbit of its parent body, and the Griavin therefore decided to stop using larger subdivisions as they codified the version of their calendar that the UDSA standard is based on. While the Griavin calendar does use an equivalent of hours, the UDSA standard omits these in favor of expressing the exact time as a fractional number.  

Conversion to Human Calendar

The UDSA standard date can be determined by dividing the number of days since 1970-05-31, 9:32 UTC by 3.65247. This conveniently works out such that 100 UDSA standard days almost exactly equate to one average earth year. Additionally, 2 standard days are a rough approximation of a week and 8 standard days equate to just under a month.

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