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Founding Member of the UDSA

Griavin are a tall, feathered species known as mediators and peacekeepers. They originate on a small moon with very low gravity, and therefore require powered exoskeletons in medium and high gravity environments.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The Griavin are adapted to very low gravity environments due to their place of origin, which shows in several uncommon biological traits. They are very tall and slender on average, with a skeletal structure too weak to support their weight in higher gravity environments. Commonly, Griavin use specialized powered exoskeletons to aid them overcome these difficulties.   They have feather-like scales on their arms and legs that allow them to fly short distances in their native environments. Even with an exoskeleton, this does not transfer to higher gravity environments due to the amount of lift produced being simply too little.   Additionally, due to their home moon being in the shadow of its parent planet for extended periods, Griavin also have sight highly adaptable to dark conditions and a very adaptable diurnal cycle, allowing them to stay awake for extended periods if needed or sleep for extended periods to preserve energy.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Evolving from swarm animals, Griavin developed an unusual amorphous social structure that functioned with very little large-scale hierarchy for a long time. They highly value peace and cooperation and are known as strong diplomats and mediators, as well as the key founding member of the Unified Deep Space Administration.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Griavin are unable to produce many of the sounds typically used in other languages, and correspondingly their languages are fairly limited in terms of basic consonant and vowel inventory. In compensation, they make use of additional pitched whistling sounds produced in the Griavin breathing organs, and often also add pitch and length distinction to vowels. The whistling components of the Griavin languages are believed to have originated from a separate set of calls used over large distances and in flight, which was later integrated into language.


Due to their innate flight abilities and their homeworlds low gravity and planetary neighborhood, the Griavin developed significant aerospace technology at a very early stage in their development, and conducted extensive colonization efforts of the neighboring moons. A demand for shorter travel times inside the colonized system drove a large concerted research program into FTL technology, which resulted in the Griavin becoming the first FTL-capable species in a large radius.   They continued to develop their FTL technology and assist species who recently developed FTL in furthering theirs, leading to a loose network of alliances that eventually became the Unified Deep Space Administration.
110-130 earth years
Average Height
2.4 - 2.8m

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