The weather forecast for today is whatever you want it to be!  
— Metronomia Ad
  Mankind has always been at the mercy of weather, but now technology have finally turned the table. Metronomia sells not only weather predictions, but alterations, helping ensure that your wedding or barbeque is going to nice and sunny, unless a spiteful ex paid more. Changes to the weather can have unexpected and long-lasting consequences well outside the reach of Megacorpolis, which is why the Metronomia say they take the outmost care with only highest safety concerns in place. That's what they say; and the sudden plague of tornadoes in Asia is most likely unrelated.   Metronomia is as close Megacorpolis gets to a state-sponsored corporation, under near constant commission by the Computer and the MegaCorps Council, just to keep a tab on things. But, in the spirit of capitalism, Metronomia sell their services far and wide in Megacorpolis.    

Weather For the Wealthy

Weather just the way you want it.  
— Metronomia Ad
  Metronomia runs a number of weather-related businesses, but none of them ever get as much attention in media or afford the corporation as much influence as their weather-influencing, proprietary satellites and technologies. So like the general public, lets ignore all the shady bullshit they do in the background while everyone is distracted by the shiny.  

Weather Manipulation, Baby!

The rest of Megacorpolis would love to know exactly how Metronomia does it, with theories ranging from alien technology all the way to witchcraft. Since decades ago, Metronomia have perfect a technology that allows them to manipulate weather with a remarkable degree of precision (or at least that's what their pamplets say), summoning rain as desires and making sure there's always a white Christmas in the Megacity.   Their services have bee used by many eco-restoration projects around the world, the most successful being the Sahara Nature Reserve, with Metronomia often able to extort money from the project for years after, with a sort of 'nice forest, would be a shame if something happened to it' sort of attitude.  
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)
On the consumer side of things, they mostly work for the very wealthy. Organizations, such as the YetiCon Day, sometimes pool their resources to buy a day of good weather, but prizes place it well out of reach of most people.   Corporations are the most common customer, for whenever there's some sort of team-building outing that requires good (or bad) weather, corporate picnics, or when filmcrews just need a good day of weather to make sure that last climactic action scene can be shot.
A fact that Metronomia often and not-so-subtle bring up to the corps in question, with hints that the weather might just take an unexpected turn for the worst unless they pay up.
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)

Is It Aliens?

While the technology used by Metronomia remain top secret, competitors are nipping at their heels. With nothing in the place of legislation there to prevent some sort of apocalyptic tug-of-war with the worlds weather, people are starting to take bets on what'll happen when Metronomia finally comes face to face with someone to challenge their monopoly.  
Needless to say, Doomies are thrilled.
  For their part, Metronomia pursues what it calls 'aggressive copyright enforcements'; a campaign of industrial espionage and sabotage against anyone and everyone who looks like they might be getting close to cracking the code.  
by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)

Corporate Constraints

One of the downside of being an absolute bastard is that it becomes difficult to find people to work with. Metronomia have been trying to branch out and dip their toes into some other kind of business for a while now, but having made just about as many enemies as they could, they've stymmied at every turn.   In response, the Metronomia corporate becomes even more belligerent and jacks up its blackmailing prices, to the vicious, abusive cycle continues.  
As you might expect, Metronomia's Corp-Speak is filled with weather-related puns.

In The City

With their blackmails shenanigans constituting a large portion of their profit-making machine, Metronomia are generally despised by others as a bunch of bastards. They're afforded some safety by their current employment by the MegaCouncil and the Computer, but one slip and there's a host of corporations ready to pounce. Already, they're circling like sharks with every leak of information or every scandal involving Metronomia. It's rumored that the corporation maintains some sort of dead-man's switch on a corporate level, something that'll cause some sort of horribly destructive weather or disaster, should they ever get kicked off the perch.   It's quite possibly the rumor has been started by the corp themselves as just another blackmail ploy to keep people off their back...   Just in case.


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2 Dec, 2020 14:17

By the Java! It's "Have The Weather Your Way, Today!"   Bwahahahahahaha!! I love this. This is amazing, Q!   And I bet the Doomies will be just massively thrilled!!

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Oh yeah, it's a whole new way that everything can go to hell - the Doomies *love* it :D

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Oooh, of course there's a corporation in charge of the weather! Another great article, got a few laughs out of me!

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This is a rather alarming corporation. I can see why blackmail became a large part of their culture.

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When all you have is a hammer...

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Imagine being able to order a specific type of weather. I can see how that can indeed lead to blackmail possibilities. It is in a way a superpower I think. Because if they want to they could send a tornado or cyclone towards those who oppose them. Excellent article as always!

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Thank you! :D It'll lead to some fun corporate war, I think, for the future!

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Urban weather systems are so interesting! There's so many ways a large built-up urban environment influences the weather, so I can 100% see some savvy business people setting up a corporation to make use of that (+ future tech!) and start selling it :D

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Rain on request, scheduled sunshine, tornado to-do lists!