Javamats are automated vending machines that provide the citizens of Megacorpolis with Java. They range luxuriously decorated machines fed the finest Java brewed in places where the citizens are wealthy, to armored hunks of metal being fed the dregs left from other Javamats where they are not. Javamats are ubiquitous across the Megacity and every citizen has their own favorite one.    


by Derek Weselake

    Javamats come in almost as many brands and types as Java does, though most machines are able to provide several different drinks. The placement of Javamats only occasionally lead to turf wars between megacorps over the best places. Brand-loyal consumers often join the fray to make sure their preferred brand is the one that will be served. Casualties are usually within acceptable parameters, but festering feuds between different Javamaniacs can cause trouble for decades after.   Javamats are always plastered with the advertisements to help addled consumer make their next shopping decisions. Many even feature helpful voice-clips that make additional suggestion while providing Java, based on a quick scan of the consumers payment card.    
Java, the brew of the world!
Item | Mar 7, 2019

Java makes the world go around. Consult your doctor before consuming this delicious caffeinated beverage. Terms and conditions apply.


Java On Demand

  Javamats are designed to be easy and quick to use, with as few obstacles between the consumer and their brew as possible. Almost everything else has been stripped away - even different brands of Java use similar mechanics to bill the consumer with a quick scan and the press of a button.   Pipes connect the Javamats to large brewing vats in central facilities to ensure they never run dry, if only to avoid another incident like the Java Riot of 2098.   Despite being completely automated, some Javamats in particularly wealthy areas come with baristas, as no one could reasonably expect a rich, important person press a button by themselves.      
Javamats are not to be confused with the almost equally common Bullet-o-Matics, which are vending machines for ammunition and not delicious Java.

Cover image: by Johny Mnemonic (with slight alterations)


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