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Grandmaster Jeren

Grandmaster of the Gold Tower Jeren Boulderthorn (a.k.a. Jerry (ONLY to his friends), Older Bolder (nickname from the apprentices), The Rock (colloquial, a reference to his infamous stubborn streak))

"The Grandmaster is kind, gentle, quick with a joke, loyal to a fault, and the meanest creature to have ever stabbed a back. If you're on his good side, your whole world is nothing but opportunity. If he decides that you're his enemy or a danger to the Tower, you'll be lucky to wind up a crippled exile drooling in your oatmeal trying to remember your first kiss. And if you challenge him to a duel, there's a 50/50 chance that he'll simply counter all of your spells and beat you unconscious with those ham hands of his as an example to everyone watching."   ~Master Goates, Parliamentarian

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Despite being in his middle years (for a goliath) Jeren is in excellent physical condition. His exercise regimen copies that laid out in the Thet Hyje, a personal interest of his despite the fact that he is not one of the Haerkuh Je'ak.

Body Features

Jeren is covered in arcane tattoos, athletic muscle, and scars. Despite this, he glows with health and vitality.

Apparel & Accessories

As the Grandmaster of the Golden Tower, Jeren is usually dressed in ostentatious robes. He is known to wear "dummy jewelry", nearly worthless costume apparel that is enchanted to give off a dweomer to any detection magic among which he hides powerful artifacts.   While traveling, he wears Northrealm furs instead, though still of fine quality.     The Jewelled Amulet around Jeren's neck is actually his Control Talisman for his Shield Guardian.     Jeren has an iron band on his finger that encapsulates his fists in gloves of force. These fists nullify magical protections such as the Shield Spell or Mage Armor, and deal an additional 1d6 force damage.     Jeren wears Bracelets of Charming, which add +2 to his Charisma score, gives him advantage on Charisma-based skill rolls, and once per day can cast Charm with a DC of 18. The bracelets hold the concentration for the spell, and if struck make the Constitution Save at +3.  

Specialized Equipment

While an accomplished archmage, Grandmaster Jeren spent most of his career as the world's premier Abjurer.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and raised during the Sixth Crusade, Jeren is no stranger to horror and violence. He made a name for himself during the Stackel Revolt, trying to ensure that arcanists were not targeted by mobs during the uprising. This work became especially critical in 955, when the Brass Tower marched against the Stackel Revolt and rebel territories became much more hostile to arcanists and mages.   From then until the Year 970, he was the most public-facing advocate for The Golden Tower and arcanists everywhere. With the help of his talent for making friends and bare knuckle politics, this naturally led to his nomination to the Grandmastership.   Responding to prophecies from highly placed diviners, his first major act as Grandmaster was to order the construction of the Colossus.


Grandmaster Jeren has a secret wife named Leen in the Northrealms. He is paranoid that The College of Questions is going to find her out and use her against him.


Jeren came to the tower as an apprentice at age 8. He was first of his class for most of his life.

Failures & Embarrassments

Jeren's greatest failure came in Year 956, just before the Stackel Revolt ended. The rebel-held town of Inesh was conducting a witch trial against a druid of a nearby circle named Carner. The man had been known as a healer for decades, but the anti-mage fervor of the rebels had seen him accused of working with the warmages.   The locals had called in to The College of Questions for a witchfinder to gather the evidence and make the arrest, and Witchfinder Nolmon responded with enthusiasm. The trial was an intensive, three week affair, and Nolmon was clearly outmatched. Despite this, the locals would not hear the evidence, and the trial was a sham. This is the only time known in history that Jeren lost control, and Inesh was wiped off the map. The details are unknown, and Jeren has had little interest in explanations. He does keep the golden statue that was once known as Witchfinder Nolmon on display in his office, still frozen with his sword halfway out of its scabbard.

Morality & Philosophy

Jeren is a Legalist, and has a greater command of law than most politicians. This has helped him in his career as a mage as well, learning the laws of magic so esoteric that even previous grandmasters would have been rendered cross-eyed in their study.


Even if they were guilty, Jeren would never leave a mage to the tender mercies of The College of Questions

Personality Characteristics


Advancement of magic, the Tower, and society.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Jeren is an accomplished politician, a magical savant, and a bridgebuilder.

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws



Grandmaster Jeren smells of royal perfumes and soaps, with an underlying hint of ozone and sulphur.


Religious Views

Jeren is a devout Deminite, at least publicly.

Hobbies & Pets

In his free time, Jeren constructs golems. He has a unique shield guardian named Jimbo that has an unusual amount of personality. They treat each other like friends and colleagues rather than a master and his automaton.


Jeren is well spoken, with a deep, chesty timbre.


Archmage Dulacar

Ally (Important)

Towards Grandmaster Jeren



Grandmaster Jeren

Ally (Important)

Towards Archmage Dulacar



Witchfinder General Kill-Sin

Political Enemy (Vital)

Towards Grandmaster Jeren



Grandmaster Jeren

Political Enemy (Important)

Towards Witchfinder General Kill-Sin



Wealth & Financial state

Personal Wealth: 3d6+5
Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
929 Y 66 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
According to popular lore, Grandmaster Jeren's mother was a witch in the Northrealm, however he is notably nonspecific when asked. This may just be due to his race.
The Northrealm
Current Residence
The Golden Tower
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
865 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I am not Grandmaster of the Tower of Brass. I do not want to harm a single hair on your head, nor do I want to obliterate your little mob and burn your village down, salting the soil with potent desecrating magics and cursing your family lines to forever produce deformed simpletons. I would not enjoy doing these things. I would feel guilty about them for whole weeks afterwards.   "But if you don't untie this unjustly accused woman and let her off that pyre, if you light those sticks, I will do these things.   "Am I sleeping well tonight?"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Giant, Goblin, Elvish, and The Old Tongue


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