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"Ye who hath made the world, ye who giveth the blessings of the blood and sinew, ye who have set aside a place and plan for each of us, bless us that we may better serve you." ~ Canticles of the Demiurge


The High Father is the nominal head of the church, but he must be elected by the Seven Bishops (who have total authority over their own diocese) and there are currently only four living bishops. Within each diocese, a bishop has total control over church policy, and they preside over their own cathedrals. Day to day religious duties are preformed by abbots that report directly to the Bishop and preside over their own smaller churches. Unordained priests known as itinerants also teach the faith, usually to communities too small to warrant the attention of abbots.   Each abbot has a small to moderate number of celibate monks and nuns to do the gruntwork required by the church. Templars known as Palatine Militatus are organized in platoons that report directly to abbots.

Public Agenda

Deminites are concerned with the tracking of royal bloodlines and promoting a return to feudalism and monarchy. They promote the prominence of the oligarchy and contentment in one's class.


Despite their decline, the Church of the Demiurge remains the highest concentration of wealth in Maecodia. Their monetary resources are nearly endless.


During the Maecodians' captivity, they were organized as a slave subclass beneath the dragonborn, that were themselves beneath the dragons. Within each race, a feudal monarchy maintained order and saw to continued stability of the system. The arrangement was self-reinforcing.   After the escape, the church maintained prominence but the population had lost its taste for monarchs. The church declined shortly after a disastrous series of crusades.

Destiny is Purpose

Founding Date
Deep Antiquity
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
Church of the Demiurge, Temple of the Maker, The Spider's Web, Tapestry of the Weaver, Church of the Kings
Subsidiary Organizations
Permeated Organizations
Controlled Territories
Related Myths

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