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Haerkuh Je'ak

"The Haerkuh Je'ak are as much a relic of an older time as their equipment, but they are much more than that. When persuaded to gather in large enough numbers, they typically outclass the Balatari in equipment and training. When the Church calls a crusade, the Je'akine lead the charge. They fight the greenskin and the scalykind with valor and glory. But their loyalty is not with men, not with gods, not even with their old grudges. Their loyalty is to their Old Masters and, while there is little chance that we know of for their return, if they ever do they'll have an army waiting for them. It's reason enough to make sure that these followers of the Old Ways wind up on the front lines of every conflict."   ~Grandmaster Jeren, of The Golden Tower


Currently, the Je'akine are divided into individual cells of like-minded warriors called bindles. These bindles are anywhere between ten to thirty warriors, often being advised (not led) by an older, retired Je'ak.   To form an Avhali, at least one hundred of these bindles must be gathered under one commander called a Hije'ak. Once gathered, the army is organized in this way: the avhali is divided into the left and right hand each led by an Alje'ak. Each hand is given five fingers, with each finger being made up of ten cells commanded by a Zije'ak. Each cell chooses their leader, the Hoje'ak being elected by his bindlemates. Cells beyond these limits are kept in reserve to replenish the lost forces when the formation swaps.

Public Agenda

Though divided into several sects, the agenda of the Ja'ekine is one of vigilance and readiness. Aside from this, some look to the future while others strive to ensure that the past is never forgotten.


While unknown, it is believed that there are somewhere between 10,000-15,000 Je'akine in rotation. By their nature, each Je'akine is fully equipped, though how much wealth they possess is dependent on their other duties and privileges outside of the caste.


Founded in the time of the Grimhii, the Haerkuh Je'ak were the first known modern human warriors. Selected from among the strongest, they were gifted weapons and armor from their masters and formed into fighting levies. When the old masters disappeared, the Je'akine descendants remained. They continued training each next generation to be ready for the return of the Grimhii


As a cohesive unit, the Ja'ekine dissolved when humanity was enslaved by the dragons. The formation of an Avhali is now a matter of coalition building and diplomacy between individual bindles.

Remember the Old Ways

Founding Date
Sometime in the middle-late period of the Age of Myth
Military, Paramilitary/Militia
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
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