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Haerkuh Ja'ek Heirlooms

"Passed from master to apprentice when the old warrior retires, the heirlooms of the Haerkuh Ja'ek are wonderful examples of Grimhii craftsmanship, all the more impressive once one considers that they were actually given to their lowliest soldiers on the battlefield. Imagine what sorts of equipment that they kept for themselves!"   ~Grandmaster Jeren, of the Golden Tower


The heirlooms are an integral part of the Thet Hyje. Everything in a Ja'ekine's life revolves around this equipment, and losing any of it brings great shame to the warrior. It has been this way since the very beginning, and is the only part of the Ja'ekine's way that has remained and will forever remain unchanged regardless of the context of the world around them.


When the young warrior is ready to embark on his Becoming, he is given the heirlooms. If the master has trained his pupil well, then the heirlooms will return safe and the passing will be complete. If the pupil dies or loses his equipment during this time, the master will experience great shame that may result in self imposed exile or even ritual suicide.

Components and tools

Central to the ritual is the Majokuh, an extremely well crafted glaive with a dagger hidden in the counterweight. The equipment also includes Shaval armor and the Avkuh buckler. While not technically heirlooms from the beginning, a newly equipped pupil is often given three Issem .


An old warrior preparing a youth so that they may retire is known as Det-ja'ek. The youth is known as Saty-ja'ek.


The Ja'ekine use the Becoming as part of their own coming-of-age rituals.
Chain-veil armor (Shaval)
Love-in-Mist Buckler (Avkuh)
Deathwind (Issem)

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