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"Crush the Pauldron, Slice the Ribbon, Push! Good! Bind and Gut! These are the forms that will save your life, lad! Trust me, they have saved mine over the years."   ~Alexin Avveraha, Det-Alje'ak

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The leaf-blade is heavy, capable of chopping a limb off at a swing or penetrating deep with a thrust. To counterweight the heavy blade, a solid adamantine ball is attached to the butt of the polearm. The wielder can twist the ball past the catch and draw it out attached to a thin, sharp dagger. The polearm portion is too balanced to be of use until the dagger is placed back in.

Manufacturing process

The process for making new majokuh has long been lost to time.


The centerpiece of the Haerkuh Ja'ek Heirlooms
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Owning Organization
6 lbs
4 ft. haft, 1.5 ft. blade, 2 ft. dagger in the hilt
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The weapon is an ingenious blend of adamantine, orichalcum, and mithril where each material would be the most helpful.


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