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Swaebhard Distantripper

Det Swaebhard Distantripper (a.k.a. Grinnin' Sweeb )

"That salty old sea dog is better than any bard, I tell ya! I could listen to his stories every night. I'd even let him drink for free. Just... don't tell him I said that. He'd probably take me up on it and that crusty shark can drink better than any fish I ever saw."   ~Senbish Wildbone

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though old, Swaebhard is in good shape. He practices the exercises laid out in the Thet Hyje religiously.

Facial Features

Swaebhard has a wild mane of steel-gray hair accompanied by a bushy beard and a well-maintained jauntily-curled moustache.

Apparel & Accessories

Swaebhard still wears Wupani-style clothing: oiled canvas coats with silk shirts and canvas pants. His waterproof cap has seen better days: or at least fifty years' worth of days. He is also bedecked in jewelry in his beard, on his fingers, and on many chains around his neck.       Swaebhard has a magic ring of spell storing, an amulet of protection + 3, and his hat is a gift from his patron.  

Specialized Equipment

Swaebhard is a hexblade warlock in service of the Nucklavee.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Swaebhard was born to a pair of Wupan Privateers. His mother was a Je'akine Warrior and raised him in the Old Ways. When he came of age, she returned to the high seas and her old life. His Becoming was the beginning of a high seas adventure. He signed on with a crew of pearl divers, tasked with bringing wealth to his town. His ship was beset by pirates, and he defeated the lot of them with his heirlooms. The riches from the booty he earned paid for a new defensive wall, which completed his Becoming. The riches he earned also let him hire a crew to stock the pirates' ship and set sail armed to the teeth. He spent many years plying the seas hunting pirates, even raiding the coast of Shelor, before eventually retiring from his life as Grinnin' Sweeb. He passed on his heirlooms to his first mate, whom he had raised from a deckmonkey. While searching for a place to settle, Swaebhard discovered the heirlooms of a long-dead Je'akine Warrior. Following tradition, he found a small war orphan and raised him to take up the fallen warrior's weapons. Swaebhard settled in Alcedene in Year 978 to raise his Saty-ja'ek. The people of Alcedene know that he was a sailor in Wupan, likely a privateer. He makes passing mention on quiet nights in The Wildbone Inn of sea monsters, raids on dragon lairs, of exotic locales and even more exotic creatures. His stories are rarely specific enough to form a true picture of his history, but none have called him a liar.


If the tales are to be believed, there are hundreds of single mothers along every coast in the world waving children at the sea who have blazing, amber eyes.


Swaebhard was raised as a Haerkuh Je'ak by his mother. He learned reading and writing on a basic level and is fluent in The Old Tongue. He also served on Wupani ships enough that he's an expert boatsman.


Currently, Swaebhard makes his coin giving basic training to the Alcedene Guard Force, taking on students to learn from the old master for brief periods (usually a few months at the most) and running a reed raft down creeks to join up with the rivers.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Grinnin' Sweeb was a mighty privateer, hunting pirates and sea monsters and raiding vessels from Doroinir Nimloth and Shelor.

Intellectual Characteristics

Swaebhard is gruff, tough, and obstinate.

Morality & Philosophy

Swaebhard is a Didactist near the end of his very satisfying life. His love of adventure has been well explored and he felt ready to finish out. He still feels the itch.

Personality Characteristics


While he thinks nothing of murder and reaving for his own personal gain, Swaebhard lives by a code that gives him a veneer of nobility, chivalry, and even selflessness.

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws

Lust, Greed, addiction to tobbacco.


Swaebhard is always impeccably clean, regularly relaxing with everything the Springhorn Bathhouse has to offer.
Lawful Evil
Current Location
Year of Birth
924 Y 71 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Swaebhard was born in Wupan to a pair of marines
Current Residence
Burning Amber
Steely Gray
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Leathery tan
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I'm old, but that just means I have a wider choice of canes to shove up your ass."   "Fair seas and fairer booty!" ~His favorite toast.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, The Old Tongue


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