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"My interest in the Haerkuh Je'ak began during one of the greenskin incursions a few years back.



A full Avhali has 1,000 to 3,000 warriors, and travels with 25% of their number as additional Saty-je'ak trainees that fulfill a number of noncombat roles.



The Je'akine are divided into individual cells of like-minded warriors called bindles. These bindles are anywhere between ten to thirty warriors, often being advised (not led) by an older, retired Je'ak. To form an Avhali, at least one hundred of these bindles must be gathered under one commander called a Hije'ak. Once gathered, the army is organized in this way: the avhali is divided into the left and right hand each led by an Alje'ak. Each hand is given five fingers, with each finger being made up of ten cells commanded by a Zije'ak. Each cell chooses their leader, the Hoje'ak being elected by his bindlemates. Cells beyond these limits are kept in reserve to replenish the lost forces when the formation swaps.     1 Avhali \ 2 hands \ 10 fingers \ 100(ish) bindles


Avhali are shieldwall formations adept at anvil defense and boar's head charges. They also are individually trained so well that they can perform maniple swaps regardless of their actual experience level.


Each Haerkuh Je'ak is responsible for training a pupil to take up his equipment when he can fight no more. Individual, personal training and the deep familial connection which it engenders makes any je'akine warrior into an impressive soldier.
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