Beer Ooze

Hey, where'd my drink go?
  Beer Ooze are creatures in the same family as the dreaded gelatinous cube, grey ooze, and all the rest of the slimy horrors that lived in the Old World. True to its name, the Beer Ooze is spawned from alcohol, and most have emerged from the primordial drunkenness that is the Sea of Spirits. From there, they've infested beer kegs and tankards to spread far and wide across Ithekshem. Where there is alcohol, there might be one of these little bastards.  


Beer Ooze range in color from amber to urine-yellow, depending on the quality of brew that created them. They have the consistency of firm jelly and can slither along the ground or up walls with remarkable speed, leaving a trail that stinks of stale beer wherever they go. The Ooze can extend pseudo-pods from its bulk to interact with the world around it (usually tipping your drink over, the little git) and can flatten itself down to slither into anything that isn't completely proof from liquids. Most of the Beer Ooze are no larger than your average, drunken house cat, but at least one has grown to the size of a house after an especially successful party.   They feed on alcohol and possess a supernatural sense that allows them to track booze from miles away. When they find some, they'll either submerge themselves in the liquid and sit there happily gulping it up or spread themselves around a spilled drink to absorb it into themselves. A well-drunk Beer Ooze is a happy, even playful creature that is unlikely to harm anyone (except by accident), and possess a sort of funny charm - as far as a blubbery ooze goes. They're prone to unpredictable, random acts that are only a "hey guys, watch this" away from a drunken friend.   A thirsty Beer Ooze is another matter, staggering from place to place with more surly, aggressive behavior. A Beer Ooze with a hungry-hangover will sometimes batter those it encounters with its pseudo-pods, which can be ineffectively adorable or devastating depending on the size of the Ooze.    
Beer Ooze shows little in the way of communal behavior or even communication, but when they all zone in on a sufficient amount of alcohol, it sure looks like a party.

In the World

Most Beer Oozes are spawned from and live in the Sea of Spirits, emerging in great numbers from the primordial mix of alcohol of the place. Other, smaller pools and ponds of alcohol around Ithekshem somehow birth Beer Ooze, but such occasions are much more rare. But as they require no partner to procreate (only a sufficient amount of alcohol - not so different from people, perhaps), a single Beer Ooze can when properly fed, spawn entire colonies. While a single Beer Ooze can be a fun drinking buddy, colonies of them are generally considered pests.   Bartenders and innkeepers particularly loath the creatures, as more than one of them have opened their stores to find a bunch of the little bastards having a merry old party, leaving little to be sold.

Bottoms Up!

More than once, a Beer Ooze have slithered into someone's tankard while they weren't looking and then found themselves consumed in the next round of cheers. Drinking a Beer Ooze almost always lead to severe alcohol poisoning, but creatures with hardy constitution or a well-developed sense of handling their drink sometime inherit the Beer Ooze's ability to sense alcohol.   Either way, the Beer Ooze doesn't go quietly, and the drinker will find themselves finding to keep their drink down in an entirely new way.  

Arcane Alcohol

Beer Ooze are relatively weak arcane components, but can be used to enhance any spell or ritual related to alcohol or partying, making them a favorite with a certain class of hedonistic spellcasters.   Those who use Beer Ooze in their rituals typically use the poor creatures to brew some sort of alcoholic beverage. The process kill the Ooze, but the resulting drink has enough sense to stay in the stomach of whoever consumes it, most of the time.  


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