Alcohol Elemental

Is there really any more natural force than the one driving us to drink? Especially these days.
  Spawned from the primal energies of drunkards everywhere, Alcohol Elementals are similar to their classical kin but generally better at a party. Most emerged from the Sea of Spirits shortly after the End of All Things, created by the impossible mixture of magic and alcohol that resulted when entire planes dedicated to partying were emptied out to form an ocean. They're still most common among the tequila shores and whisky waves but have since spread to other parts of Ithekshem.  


Like all Elemental creatures, the Alcohol Elementals are magical beings of pure matter or force - in this case, different kinds of booze. An elemental's appearance and power depends on what type of alcohol it has spawned from, with their strength increasing together with the grade of the alcohol. Unlike other Elementals in Ithekshem, the Alcohol Elementals are young, and have not grown old enough to reach the power of greater or elder elementals, let alone to spawn an Elemental Dragon... A day which the world dreads.   All Elementals take the shape roughly of either a humanoid or animal, with the Alcoholic Elementals looking particularly unsteady.  

Lesser Alcohol Elementals

Beer Elemental

The least of the Alcoholic Elementals, Beer Elementals are amber-yellow with bubbles and foam popping along its shape.

Wine Elemental

Comes in either Red or White colors, and far more snobbish than the Beer Elemental, they are very sure about themselves.

Greater Alcohol Elementals

Vodka Elemental

Vodka Elementals are clear, transparent, and very powerful. Sometimes worshipped by isolated communities of forest dwellers.   The Elemental Court of Vodka is currently locked in a feud of sorts with the Court of Whisky, for reasons they aren't quite sure about.

Whisky Elemental

Whisky Elementals like to think of themselves as a higher class and more sophisticated than their Vodka brothers, though they're equal in power.   Always deep amber in color, and distinguished from the Beer Elemental by their greater strength and lack of foam.

The Dread Absinthe Elemental

The largest and most proofs of the Alcohol Elementals, the Absinthe Elemental, come in unnatural shades of green, blue, or sometimes midnight black. More than a momentary touch from an Absinth Elemental can render a careless mortal blackout drunk, and those enveloped by the creatures swiftly meet death by alcohol poisoning.  

In the World

Alcohol Elementals have only been part of Ithekshem since the End of All Things and are still finding their metaphorical feet. Other, more established Elements look at these new beings with both shock and horror and offer little aid. Hostility is growing between the old and new, but neither is in much of a position to really do much about it. Alcohol Elementals are finding their way in the world and can generally be found in many of the same situations as their older kin - being summoned by wizards, fighting adventurers, maintaining leylines and places of power related to their element.   Despite the mutual distaste, the Alcohol Elementals have established Elemental Courts modeled after the old Courts. Of course, with no central elemental Plane, it is more fractured and still more of an idea than an actual political power. On the other hand, the Alcohol Elementals never had a court or Plane to lose, so they enter Ithekshem with fresh eyes while others are still reeling from what they have lost.

Elementary Magic

Elementals have always been a large part of magic. Many schools divided their spells into categories depending on what primal force it used, and entire specialized path surrounded one element or another. In the Old World, there was a planar barrier that separated spellcasters and elementals from each other, protecting both from each other. With the End of All Things, everyone is on the same plane now.   Spellcasters of all stripes have already begun to adapt to these and many other strange elementals that now roam Ithekshem. Summoning spells have been created, and a vodka-based Fireball isn't far behind. On the other hand, it's much easier for Elementals to find and punish abusive spellcasters now.  

Arcane Alcohols

Alcohol Elementals are potent magical components, if dangerous to acquire. They can be used in any spell or ritual around alcohol, partying, and so on. As the metaphysical presence of these new Elemental grow and connect them to the magic of the world, new and more esoteric meanings will mean further uses for them.   Brewing an alcohol from the elemental is the most common approach, and can create powerful eldritch components.  


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