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Lillian Whitewave Colbreak

Her Right Honored Grace the Countess Lillian (née Windweaver) Whitewave Colbreak

Lillian Whitewave is best known as the wife of the Dissipator, Duke Duncan Colbreak. Countess of both Whitewave and Windweaver, she is my aunt and the mother of Marcus Colbreak, the heir of the Colbreak Clan and future Duke of Colbreak.  

Personal History

Early Life

Lillian Windweaver Whitewave was born into the Whitewave Clan to Kaitlin Ironwood Whitewave (Daniel Whitewave's sister) and Donovan Stelworth Windweaver. Their only child, she was raised in a High Valley manor house as well as a Lexport penthouse. Like most noble Paragons, she was homeschooled by her father.  


Like all nobles, Aunt Lillian attended Everdon Academy. She tends to downplay her accomplishments, but her son Marcus and I have looked at her records and she indeed excelled in all her classes, especially arts-based classes and manners. She struggled most in speech, but even those grades were mostly Bs.   At Everdon, she met Cameron Lightrock Colbreak, who was the heir of the Colbreak Clan at the time, and was betrothed to him when both were fifteen. The two were considered a perfect match, given both their shared quiet elegance and their high power carrier concentrations.  

Great War

However, Cameron and Lillian's union was not to be. During the Great War, Cameron Colbreak, alongside the majority of the Colbreaks, was killed by naered at least in part as vengeance against the Dissipators'. Lillian also lost her mother to the war aged seventeen. She spent the majority of the war in bunkers alongside the Alderleys, courtesey of her close friends Clarisse Alderley and Princess Alexandra Alderley. There she feared for her life, hearing the voices of the naered in her mind, ever-wondering when they might break through and take the monarchs of the Kingdom of Crathlia with her.  

Marriage and Children

Double Wedding by ReachingForStardust
That breach she feared never occurred. As she emerged from the bunker into the ashes of the Great War, the most prominent of the Dissipators, Duncan Colbreak, was named the Duke of Colbreak in Cameron's place. Therefore Aunt Lillian and her father acted quickly to negotiate her marriage to Uncle Duncan.   My aunt and uncle were married in a double wedding alongside my parents, Alistair Colbreak and Ophelia Evenbrook, on Tinegal 3, 1294, pictured at right (Aunt Lillian is the blonde woman at front). They have two children, twins Marcus and Cathleen Whitewave Colbreak, who recently turned eighteen.   Until relatively recently, Aunt Lillian spent much of her time at the Colbreak manor entertaining other nobles on behalf of her husband in his long absences in the politically tumultous population center Lexport. There, she used her ice manipulation to create an ice sculpture garden in the hedge maze. Depending on her schedule, she changed the sculptures monthly to weekly. She currently lives with her husband at Lexport Castle, though she still makes her usual array of sculptures at the hedge maze when they visit the Colbreak manor for holidays and parties.  


Contacts and Relations

At Everdon, Aunt Lillian's close friends were Queen Alexandra Alderley, Clarisse Alderley, and Isabelle Greengale. These four women are now some of the most politically powerful in Crathlia, and Aunt Lillian's connections first and foremost stem from them. Moreover, though, she's friendly (in her soft, shy way) with the entire nobility and has likely invited all the adult nobles to tea at least once.  

Family Ties

Through her husband, Aunt Lillian and her immediate family is close to my immediate family.   Aunt Lillian's mother is no longer living, but she remains close to her father, who lives in High Valley in a house with some of the other men his age who were widowed by the war. Through him, she remains connected to most of the Windweaver Clan, such as her aforementioned friend and cousin Clarisse Windweaver Alderley.   Aunt Lillian's Whitewave Clan connections are complex, as the Whitewaves generally prefer not to draw attention to their relation to the mass murderer Daniel Whitewave, who died when Aunt Lillian was an infant. King Leonard Whitewave Alderley is Aunt Lillian's second cousin through this branch, but she did not know him in childhood and only met him later at Everdon and eventually became close to him through his marriage to her friend, the then-princess Alexandra.


Duncan Colbreak Whitewave


Towards Lillian Whitewave Colbreak


Lillian Whitewave Colbreak


Towards Duncan Colbreak Whitewave


Usually Addressed As
Countess Whitewave
Power Level
Date of Birth
29th of Oengal, 1271
Year of Birth
1271 DA 43 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
The only child of Kaitlin Whitewave and Donovan Windweaver.
Medium blue.
Very pale blonde. Straight with a bit of wave. Usually worn in complicated updos.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very pale.
120 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Aunt Lillian loves using her ability to sculpt ice with nothing but her fingers and her artistic skill. Once finished, she cools the ice with her ability so completely that she needs only re-freeze the sculptures every twelve hours or so. Her art is admired by the entire nobility, and she prides herself in making new sculptures for each occasion.

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