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Kaabara is the smallest continent, and it's debatable whether it is its own continent or just a large peninsula of Cuyania. It's connected to Cuyania only by a narrow isthmus at its southern point and is on its own tectonic plate, though, so it is easier to classify it as a continent for ease of geography.

  Despite its small size, Cuyania is an important location in Shinam's history. The earliest humans evolved on the savannas of central Kaabara and then migrated through the isthmus and to Cuyania. It is still the location of several major civilizations.

  Kaabara's northern coast is covered by mountains. As you move south, the land flattens out into a dry savanna. Moving further south brings you to a dense, tropical jungle that covers the continent from east to west coast. At this point, the continent widens and the Eastern Mountains run down the east coast. These low mountains are covered in tropical woodlands.

  In the southern part of the continent, the Shiver Mountains spring up to divide the Eni Belul Desert from the expansive Taalorang Steppe. These mountains are formed by a divergent plate boundary that is slowly ripping the land apart. It creates a rift valley through its centre prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity. The Eni Belul is a dune sea hemmed in by mountains, while to the east of the Shiver Mountains is a dry, cool desert - the Vishim Desert. The steppe covers most of south-central Kaabara, before the elevation lowers and turns into temperate forests.

  Island chains that pepper the Rheic Ocean get closest to mainland on Kaabara's eastern coast, giving the people of the islands the strongest cultural links to Kaabara.
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