The closest thing this world has to gods. Spirits are ethereal beings who reside in the rafters of the world above the north pole. They ferry the souls of the dead to the afterlife, but have minimal interaction with mortal life.   Every culture has their one perceptions of Spirits. Some cultures worship them as gods, others ignore them, others view them as servants to humanity.

Basic Information


Spirits appear mostly humanoid. Many groups would say this is because humans were patterned after Spirits. They have two legs, two arms, etc. The main difference is that they appear to be intangible, made of green-to-blue energy glimmering with internal light. As far as anyone knows, they do not have internal anatomy such as a skeleton or organ system and no Spirit corpse has ever been found. Some hypothesize that they have physical bodies at home in Spiritrest, and what we see are merely shades of their true selves. They have no sex, though some appear to human eyes to be male or female, and others truly androgynous.

Genetics and Reproduction

Spirits reproduce asexually. They have no male or female, so all Spirits are equally capable of creating new life. They must have sufficient energy to spare, and can then at will channel some of their energy into an egg. Eggs are left abandoned, for there are no predators in Spiritrest. One year after creation, a new Spirit emerges from the age, fully grown.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They live only in Spiritrest, a realm beyond us at the pinnacle of the world.
Average Height
6' - 7'
Average Weight

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