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Yak'kolithar Waterside District

Yak'kolithar is the economic engine which put Yak'koli on the map on Jhoutai and exports even to neighboring ValuSelu Pact worlds.

Yak'kolithar is Jhoutai's leading exporter of Raw Amberchrys, Amberchrys Candies, and Psiotronics components, as well as Amberge Coral samples for other cities and colonies.

Yak'kolithar is a city of many ages and many names.

To the sailors of the Underside it's an oasis, a port of many wonders and of great opportunity.

To the miners, it is their life. They harvest their life's work from down in the mines and live overlooking the beautiful Yak'koli Crossing and the Falln Chandelier Island.

To the confectioneers, it is a paradise, the source of the finest Amberchrys.

To our visitors, it is a place of wonder, of adventure, of temptation. Whether it's to take the High Dive, spend their life savings at the Fallen Chandelier.

It is a city of light, of art, of color. It is our home, and it is beautiful.

Above: The view from the side of the Yak'koli Ventricle out over the subterranean river crossing and the Fallen Chandelier is stunning.

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Cover image: Yak'kolithar Fallen Chandelier by Ademal


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