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Amberchrys is produced by Amberge Coral as a resinous sap which collects in deposits ranging from tiny beads to meters-wide blobs and pools. Fresh amberchrys is semitacky, but the floors of the Amberge Corralum are covered in swizzling patterns and structures of Amberchrys stalagmites.

Originally, Amberchrys was thought to only be worthwhile for making candy, resin, and sealant, but during an industrial revolution, the locals discovered that Amberchrys could be tempered to extreme ends, and could be solidified into crystal if uniformly cooled with Meta into a cheap source of Metatronics.

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These are so easily produced that you'll often find them on luxury goods, like the cap of a rare brew of Parisan wine.


Amberchrys bulbs operate on the bare minimum of meta to produce a warm, bright glow. A single person produces enough stray meta to keep an apartment lit with Amberchrys Bulbs.

In places without electric or Ley Lines, Amberchrys bulbs are a safe, handy alternative to lighting a fire, and it's not uncommon to keep a self-powered amberchrys lantern or torch handy during an emergency

Others are large, weighing upwards of 20 kilos and meant to illuminate large public spaces.


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