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Yak'kolithar Grand Mall

The Yak'kolithar Grand Mall is the 3km long subterranean complex which connects the Yak'koli Ventricle to the Hourglass Cistern. It is a 12-story broadway with mezzanines on every third level and crossways at the 6th and 12th stories. Below street level is the subway, with the infamously daunting Undercity catacombs below that. Above it are service tunnels for maintaining the hanging gardens and fisheries.


Narrative about traveling from one end of the ventricle to another by train before descending down into UrVatk. This will be the early emergency respons team. From a documentary covering what happened during the collapse. A collection of films and news and accounts.

The mezzanine was the first large housing structure to be built in Yak'koli, and represented its growth from being a simple waystation to being a destination — a hub for trade with outlying cities, a beautiful city full of opportunity. A city which never slept. Even to this day, it lives up well to its reputation.

The Mezzanine is one continuous structure constructed between the Yak'koli Ventricle and the Hourglass Cistern Ventricle.

Stand at the right spot at the wrong time of day, and the roar of the mezzanine may just scare the soul out of you. Its vaulted gallery ceiling is hewn to break of the noise which comes from below, but on market days, certain points in the center of certain plazas are struct by a parabolic effect from the roof, and to stand in them is to be overwhelmed in the blended chorus of noise from almost a kilometer around you.

Mezzanine was the first major construction undertaking to turn Yakkoli from an outpost into a city.


Laikos Square


Other Paths



Other Paths

Academy Row

The Center of Academia in Yakkoli.

Statue of Dana Chou
Old Row
Newer Row
The old was dropped on the students


Points of Interest

Training Yard
Recruiting Station

Other Paths

Family Housing

Where many noncommercial imports are kept

Accessible via meissner platform or small airship, immigration to the barrens. Looms overhead like an infinity mirror through a dark tunnel.

Municiple Access

This used to be a nice neighborhood. Now it's a very poor one. It is rumored that these forgotten streets are used for back-alley transactions. Its best to keep your eyes to yourself and walk like you're supposed to be here.

It's probably best to cover your face anyway, it smells moldy.


The Red Light
Corrupt cops, exploited prostitutes, and back-alley trade
Haunted Baths
The Heap
An unofficial dumping grounds for the locals. If there's anything back there, it's caked in urine and soot.

The Void

The doorway opens up into an expansive and uncomfortably large darkness.

Your other option is the meissner tracks.


Tram Station

There's a station here, but it's clearly for the worker's tram, and is populated only by a couple of sleepy watchers whose main jobs are to pull the levers that need pulling and call anyone else for actual concerns. It would be easy to stride past them and onto the utility walk following the tracks out into darkness.

Slip down onto the tracks

Further on down the line, you find crude etchings on the wall, a warning written in graffiti.

Next town, 30km

Don't trust anywhere nearer

Rest in Serenity, Ronstan, you were like a husband to me

Huddled into a pile below is a memorial of candles and flashlights of various types. Written in another hand over them: "Scir'ra", whatever that means.

The Baths

Around you, pipes chuckle and gurgle, happily disgorging their waters into the channels zagging down the slope ahead of you. If you were to let the water lead the way, you would have to follow it down the sloper and through the water filtration plant. The eroded statues looming around its many ponds might be inviting, but given the occaisional laconic shout or garbled conversation of men at work, it's clear that this not a place for tourism.

Cover image: Grand Mall Vibes by Midjourney


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