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Tel Yak'koli

To be from Tel Yak'koli is to be from nowhere, proudly. Yak'koli is an oasis in a desert as deep as it is vast—a dry land packed manifold with magestic, cavernous tubes that plunge to frigid depths and weave for countless miles.

Aside from Flaystorms, sinkholes, and Glow Rain monsoons—all of which can be avoided within city limits—survival in Yak'koli is relatively easy, and so the city has been allowed to flourish.

Whether you are drawn to your city's long history, or are a reflection of its more ephemeral, dramatic nightlife, to be Tel Yak'koli is to live loudly, with your intent and identity on your sleeve.

Major Groups

To be from up thon is to live under the sun's blazing glare above and around the great Yok'koli Oculus

Social Norms

'Family Before All' • Hygiene •
'Flaunt your pride!' • Bright Colors • Flowing Fabrics • Metallic Embellishements • Sandproof, thick vests, hoods, or scarves
Filth • Hiding Face •



Sazashi are normal and dependable.


Humans are good with machines because they made the cool tech at the museum.

Humans are not very responsible, look what they did to their own planet.

Humans are wonderful gardeners, look what they've done to Earth.


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