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Allarah (a.k.a. Esraena Thelosus'rus of the Family, Queen of Bones, The Eulogist)

Excerpt from Secrets of Saumai

His pupils dilated at the question. "Are you willing to sacrifice some to save many?" The wisp of a question, only loud enough to be heard.
"If there is no other choice." Her eyes fell to her cup as she traced the rim. "I don't see anyone but myself as expendable. I know this is a sentiment you don't agree with, but I don't know what difference I truly make. It's obvious the leaders don't trust me. You've demonstrated that clearly.
A small pause took hold as she finished off her cup and filled it again. "You all look at me as if I've already lost my mind. Even Synna..." The name sounded raw on her tongue.
"You said my face concerned you because I wasn't making many expressions... Yet... When I do show my emotions it's met with the same result. I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't... If I'm believed to be mad, and I'm not trusted, what purpose do I truly serve?" She coughed, more to clear the question from the room than to clear her throat. "I will sacrifice only if I have no other choice."


Allarah is a Faeo far from home. At a young age she found she did not agree with everything the Haimarchy taught her, favoring instead the history of humans and the triumphs of Sazashi; and so she left. However, being the only surviving Heir to her home planet of Phaeus has made her a fugitive of her banner, forcing her to move from place to place to avoid capture. After 60 years of careful evasion, she was finally found, and as such fled to the only place, supposedly, out of their reach. Saumai.
]Since falling to the planet's surface she has experienced nothing short of constant consternation. Allarah was appointed leader of the trundler and the five other envoys that landed, she has witnessed the horrific deaths or friends and lovers alike, made soul rending and sanity breaking deals with shambling horrors, and faced the total annihilation of her people. With each new scar on her psyche, she loses just a bit of the person she was when she landed, and each tragedy chips away at her devotion to the crew. Every day pushes her closer to total insanity, but in truth, does anyone care?

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Thin and toned from the weeks of physical exertion and hunger.

Facial Features

Angular cheekbones, straight nose, and short horns for her age.

Identifying Characteristics

Large burn scar curling up the entirety of her left arm, over the shoulder, and down her back following her spine.

Apparel & Accessories

She often wears warm dark jeans, a long thick coat, black and tan turtleneck, and sturdy boots.

Specialized Equipment

Under her clothing she wears a skin of orga armor, carries a small knife disguised as a pen, a basic pistol, and a long black sword found in Kilnrest. The Black Blade

Mental characteristics


Pan sexual


Information Broker Hit Man Archaeologist/ Anthropologist Diplomat

Failures & Embarrassments

She has had a hand, accidental or intentional, in the deaths of her parents and loved ones.

Mental Trauma

Allarah is an interactive exhibit of mental illness. To list a few, she is haunted by the ghosts of her past, has sleep terrors, paranoia, and a twisted compulsion she inherited from a beast made of rotting corpses barely held together by thin strings of meta.
When an episode is triggered the world around her ceases to make any sense. She hears the screams of all the people she has know shout her deepest failings and insecurities, and on occasions their phantoms will spring threatening to harm her. When she tries to escape the world through sleep, she is tormented by oceans of blood and islands of bone, the vivid and visceral death of her captain, and the sudden end to her lover. Only recently after a bout of amnesia did she remember the lingering presence of the King of Limbs and how his hunger for flesh seeped into her being and forced her to partake of his gristly diet. She now refuses to believe those memories were hers.
She wasn't that person!

Morality & Philosophy

Life is precious and should be protected.
Lies are like knots, the more you weave, the more you are entangled.
Violence is never the answer. If there is no way to avoid it, there will always be a way to minimize it.
The needs of the many outweigh the need of the few.


Senseless Murder Unethical use of Another's Soul

Personality Characteristics


It was once that Allarah wanted nothing more than to die for the sake of another on Saumai. Time and time again she almost accomplished this goal, but her stubborn heart kept beating and she began to see that if it weren't for her, if she had died earlier, so many would have fallen after . So her goals shifted to keep the entirety of her crew alive and stay alive long enough herself to reach the heart of the planet. This too provided difficult as she learned more of the crew and as they began brushing aside her good intentions, only seeing that their enemies benefited. Keeping all alive had become a difficult task, and with new information, an impossible one. Now she wants nothing more than to save those she can while weeding out those she cannot, though a bit of her is beginning to detach from it all. One day she would like to see her home again.

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws


Personality Quirks

She holds a hand to her throat whenever thinking or talking about Synna.


She keeps herself and her environment as clean as possible in any given circumstance. Looking at her room/ space, it is almost obsessively organized.


Contacts & Relations

Past relations

Iselus Thelosus'rus: My grandmother and all that's left of my family. K'skir: Good friend and co-worker of 18 years. Dez: Leader of a small crime syndicate based in Federation. Good friend and employer of 40 years.

Current Relations

He's a good man, and I'm thankful for the kindness he's shown me.
There is no one I respect more on Saumai. She's a great leader despite not wanting to lead.
Morkun Tor Dualid
He's an ally. I can't go as far as to confidently call him a friend, but I know, at least for the time being, that he is on my side.
Tyodor ☠
I've never felt strongly about him either way. He was cruel and a coward, but he was also smart and he cared about the lives of others, whatever his motivations. It was a sad thing that happened to him.
I regret how I treated her. She was a good person.
A dear friend and confidant. I miss him.
A good friend and ally.
Mireille Petit
I would do anything to protect her.
Synna ☠
I loved her... Dearly...
Ijin Wu
She's a damn good woman. I'm thankful I have her to help keep me focused when I lose my head.
He's a good man. Quick to anger and violent, but there is good there. I can see it.
Tskhan Sik’kmuth
He's a light in this dark place, and a dear friend. Or more than a friend?
Crow Venestasia
A worthy ally in the days to come so long as this gap between us can be bridged.

Family Ties

Her grandmother is the Azukenda of her home world, allied unshakably with the Haimarchy.

Religious Views

She believes in both the Wheel and Bastet, though she fancies the Wheel a cruel entity.


Her accent is blunt and clipped lending a more severe aspect to her speech in ubiq that isn't present in her native tongue.

Wealth & Financial state

She has a decent stash of credits saved up from her various exploits hidden in Federation space with Dez.


Mysteries centered around the character
Character Location
Current Location
Saumaian Ocean
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Honorary & Occupational Titles
Of The Family Queen of Bones Eulogist
Current Residence
Pale Blue
Shorn White
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White as marble
Quotes & Catchphrases
“What a small existence you lead if it's only filled with such hate."
Known Languages
Ubiq, Aeei, Sazasharanare, Russian


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