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The Relentless Five Opening Credits

Opening Credits: The Relentless Five

Grolm 9, 578
1:15 p.m.

Definitely not the voice of Barry Campbell:

"I know how to get in, too," Scaevola Aemula said.
She said it to Ivančica "Chica" Alston.
She said it to ranger Zhang Sephia, too, what the locals have taken to calling "Miss Skye".
And I reckon ranger Bruthazmus and the cookin' team of Lee Chung and Chef probably heard it, seeing as how they were also right there in the Oat Livery stable.
Well, ain't that a thing!
Trouble is, anybody who fixes their eye on Chica can deducify that the woman has ridden about two miles past the limits of her stamina. She is still goin' on the dual yoke of rage and worry, and that's a fact.
Also, there's nohow been eight hours of sleep for Druid Jesse Devonshire nor for Stormborn thunderball Miro Teague. If they are to get enough rest to be their best selves, they got to be left in peace until after sundown.
Which surely cannot hold!
There's the Dangerous Outsider to think of. He'll be a-wonderin' why his Morning Army haint trundling back to the cavate with the townsfolk all collected.
Scaevola Aemula has got to have results to bring back, of one sort or another.
There's the Hell Critters to think of. They attacked this town the past two nights. Reckon they will give tonight a pass?
I do believe that Chica Alston would storm the gates of the Four Heavenly Dragons themselves to get back her spouse, with or without the SNAFU Guild. Someone might have to sit on her to make her bide any amount of time.
Why, here comes Wrong Way, freshly groomed and full of vigor!



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One Dangerous Outsider


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