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HHI Session 19: Thrones and Keys

General Summary

Month 5, Week 2, Year 908
With Softas Snow's help the party escaped the destruction of Younashi and found safe passage through Oda Clan's war camp. Before parting ways Softas had a conversation with Kiros about the Handgun's core tenets, specifically how murder was seen as a gross waste of resources and that any magic items discovered should be given over to Handgun authorities for proper inspection.    Back in the Oda Clan war camp the party planned out their trip up to Sanjuro City for Reshi and Nessa, Kiros purchasing some much-needed upgrades to his weaponry and armor. With a newly repaired sailboat in tow, the Seeking Scorpions decided to travel in style for the next couple of weeks and purchased a ballista for their ship's defenses. A couple of crew members named Maiko and Sora were hired for the voyage, and the party began sailing north before the day was through. Even the war clerics had seen enough of Younashi's siege.     Sailing along the Maguro River Kiros made some small talk with the group to try and get to know them. A lot of his questions turned back to the Gatekeeper, specifically why everybody in the party had decided to work for him. Ithilwen was doing it for the money, Ownka enjoyed the opportunity to proselytize for Gruumsh, and Mavis owed a debt to Wilbur for all the gifts and powers he'd given her. Sensing some deeper conspiracy, Mavis warned the Gatekeeper about Kiros' addition to the group to give the warlock plenty of time to prepare for their reunion at Ichigo. By default, Mavis would now be the sole recipient of his experimental Iranon Method.    Month 5, Week 3, Year 908
The party, bored on the riverway for five days, started looking for distractions after recovering from their exhausting mission in Younashi. Mavis had received another note from Auntie Jadoogar, warning that if the party didn't a draw a card from the Deck of Many Things every two weeks then they would start experiencing some of the wild magic surges that afflicted Balasar Norixius.   So the adventurers started drawing cards, Ithilwen taking the greatest risk and pulling two cards from the deck. Her first card was Euryale, a cursed card that weakened her ability to perform saving throws against various spells and effects. Ownka checked with Gruumsh to see if this curse was something that he could lift, but the orcish god of war would only deign to perform such an act of charity after Ithilwen came to him groveling and pleading for salvation.    The second card, Throne, proved to be a greater boon for the elven ranger and the party at large. She was granted with heightened powers of persuasion, and the deed to an ancient stronghold in the Temeraire Mtns magically appeared in her lap. Log had to translate the deed from old Draconic, but this blessing could potentially put an end to their months-long search for a stronghold suitable for their patron. Wilbur was pleased to hear about the news, making it clear that he fully expected Ithilwen to surrender ownership of the estate.    On the last night before arriving in the port town of Eld, Kiros snooped through Mavis' belongings for any info about the Gatekeeper. He also drew another card from the Deck of Many Things, the Key that rewarded him with a magic item known as the Sword of Wounding. He also tried flirting with Nessa, but that went nowhere.   The next day the party docked at Eld, exploring its sprawling marketplaces and docks. Ownka and Log met with a couple of lizardfolk dockhands to preach the good word of Gruumsh and encourage them to physically threaten their manager for higher wages. Meanwhile the rest of the party visited a local mercenary guildhall to stock up on healing potions and adventuring gear. Kiros asked a dragonborn fighter for tips on fighting a spellcaster. The dragonborn's advice? Avoid the spellcaster at all costs.

Rewards Granted

  • Kiros Gigorte lost the Serpentine Owl magic items
  • Ownka Ramm obtained 3 diamonds each worth 300GP
  • Ithilwen Donnabháin obtained the deed to a stronghold in the Temeraire Mtns 
  • Kiros Gigorte obtained a Rapier of Wounding
  • The party obtained x2 potions of Greater Healing and x5 potions of Healing
  • Kiros Gigorte obtained a rapier, a chain shirt, x5 hand axes, x1 bag of caltrops, x1 bag of ball-bearings
  • The party obtained x1 ballista for their sailboat and recruited x2 crew mates

Character(s) interacted with

  • Reshi and Nessa - two yuan-ti agents working for Maris Sissava rescued by the party from Younashi 
  • Maris Sissava - the charismatic leader of the Desert Dreamers who tasked the party with rescuing Reshi and Nessa
  • Softas Snow - a tabaxi and Handgun agent
  • Sakuma - the female tiefling who helped the party upgrade their sailboat at the docks of Younashi 
  • The Gatekeeper - the party's mysterious patron
  • Dadalon - a black dragonborn and mercenary working out of Eld, agreeing to sell the party some adventuring gear
Report Date
19 Dec 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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