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GHG Session 67: Piercing the Heavens

General Summary

Month 8, Week 4, Year 921
  The fight raged on in the gardens of Chateau Gruyere, a demonic Argus adding another challenge for the Fortunate Five to overcome. Waves of demonic partygoers continued to harass the adventurers, but they managed to destroy the monsters as quickly as they stepped into the light of Zan'kiri's continual flames.    A demonic Jezebeth, shaking off the effects of Zan'kiri's debilitating psychic attacks, started swinging at the nearest foes with supernatural force while trying to break through Teherse'singh and Xa'kara's magical defenses. The situation was complicated by Argus throwing the FF's fighters into a fit of confusion, and it wasn't until Windred banished the enchantment that order was restored.    Amid the chaos Nineveh realized that one of the adventurers was ready for a delivery: a spear 'for one capable of piercing the heavens'. Tossing a spear decorated with rose petals and thorns to Xa'kara, the warrior plunged the spear straight into Jezebeth and separated the tiefling from their demonic Gray Hat half. Zan'kiri quickly consumed the demonic half, and Jezebeth's mortal half was finally put to rest. Argus raced back into the darkness not long after, hinting at back-up plans for Gray Hat elsewhere in the chateau...

Report Date
13 Sep 2022
Primary Location
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