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GHG Session 66: A Walk Around the Courtyard

General Summary

Month 8, Week 4, Year 921
  Arriving at Chateau Gruyere, the Fortunate Five found themselves beckoned into the palace by well-dressed half-elves suspicous of their lack of formalwear. The party were directed towards a dressing room near the foyer with plenty of dresses and suits to pick from, but the party promptly left the chateau and started looking for the source of the Gray Hat manifestations. Teherse'singh noticed that all the chateau guests seemed frozen in place while the servants phased in and out of hallways, so the party decided to start searching for any servant quarters or cellars around the estate (Zan'kiri's continual flames quickly dealt with the magical darkness surrounding the estate).   The FF struggled to find any good entryways around the chateau, but in the west wing near the gardens they noticed a light coming from a second-floor guestroom. Quickly getting up to the second floor to communicate with the individuals inside, Windred learned that a half-elf named Nineveh and a dark elf named Arnulf had been stuck inside the chateau for months.   Quickly rescued by Xa'kara's Door Maker, the chaotic renovations to the chateau drew the attention of the other guests and entities corrupted by Gray Hat's influence. The party fought them off with ease, barely breaking a sweat even when a well-dressed tiefling and bugbear joined the fight.

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Report Date
08 Sep 2022
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