Stygians (stih-jee-anns)

Hailing from the Stygian Union, the Stygians are predominantly Humans refugees and their descendants who settled on the dead world of Stygia.   While their are few universal traits shared among the Stygians, they are antiauthoritarian and abolitionists to their core. Since the majority of their population are members of the House of Anamnesis,  their religious and spiritual life is dedicated to the liberation of their body and soul. Even those who are not members of the House practice the now cultural holidays of Day of Defiance and the month long memorial of Flight to Liberation which remind them of the Revolt on the Sellucal and the escape from Salevar territory. These holidays end the the Homecoming Festival which commemorates the settlement of Stygia.   The only other cultural festival that is celebrated nearly universally is The Night of Starfall that remembers to lost of the Earth that was, and the diaspora to their people into the galaxy as slaves. These shared cultural memories forged a people that reject subservience  in all its forms.   Stygians are devoted to liberty and free will, but have rejected all notions of libertarianism. Their shared memories have taught them that individuals are powerless in the face of oppression and tyranny. This cultural collectivism is balanced my their innate anarchism to lead them to seek consensus rather than to impose their will on others.   To many, the dead world of Stygia was seen as a blessing. They don't believe the inhabitants were wiped out to make way for them, but that fate led them to a world ready for them to colonize and capable of supporting them and defending them in the early years. Memorials to the unknown Benefactors are common in every city.   The Stygians seek the full liberation of Humanity and all other slaves in the galaxy. Since slavery is the eventual end of all market economies, they are suspicious of traders and any who seek wealth, power, or fame.   Since they joined the Pathfinder's Circle, they have endeavored to aide in their mission to seek out contact with the the worlds lost in the The Dark Nova to build a peaceful and prosperous galaxy.


Gender Ideals

All children on Stygia are raised as agender until their Day of Testimony, when they declare the Name and Gender before the community and take their first step to adulthood.


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