The San-na or Lu-ul originated on An-uras the home world of the An-ki Empire before their star An-mul mysteriously went nova on 1 AN. The San-na have been a major power in the galaxy for almost two millennia, since the An-sarra expansion into the galaxy. In the aftermath of the The Dark Nova, the Sen and the Shinari arose as pale imitations of their lost glory.   Fierce predators stalked the wilds of An-uras up to the day the world was devoured by fire. Many of the native species developed psionic abilities, namely clairvoyance, empathy, psychometry, and telepathy.  
  • Clairvoyants could safely scout ahead.
  • Empaths sensed danger from unseen predators.
  • Psychometrists read the trails adding in hunts and helped ensure the safety of the path.
  • Telepaths read the situation the people found themselves in and could lead silently.
  Few San-na possessed more than one psionic talent.   As time went on, most everyone possessed a form of telepathy that required physical contact. It is believed that this ability arose from the close contact with the Garra who communicate telepathically with the Pyarr, and who passed this trait on to the San-na crews. This ability was used by the Ur-san to make the Im-sarra and Ki-niri that are so prized in the Urugal today.   The San-na are resilient, having survived the dangers of their home world and its destruction.

Basic Information


The San-na are a tall, gaunt humanoid species. They have two arms and legs and only grow hair on their heads Their ears curl at the tops to a point.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The San-na have psionic powers, usually focused on telepathy and empathy. This ability was vital to surviving the hostile beasts of An-uras.
Scientific Name
H'nurash Ren M'tahtahyar
700 years
Average Height
1.829 m
Average Weight
54 to 71 kg
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San-na (descriptor)

You are the descendant of the An-sarra.

  • +4 to Intellect

  • Skill: You are trained in a limited range psionic skill, choose one: Empathy, Precognition, Premonition,¬†Psychometry, Telepathy.

  • Skill: You are trained in a limited range psionic skill, choose one: Empathy, Precognition, Premonition, Psychometry, Telepathy.

If the Player choses the same skill twice it levels up to specialized


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