The An-sar(ra) ruled an empire they called the An-ki from their homeworld of An-uras. They were a proud people as these An-sarra words indicate:  
  • An-sar(ra), their name for their own race meant "All of heaven, the whole sky."
  • An-ki , their name for their own empire meant "The Universe."
  • An-uras, their name for their own homeworld meant "heaven and earth."
  • An-mul, Their home star


Beauty Ideals

The An-sarra prized ostentation and extravagance above all things. They wore the wealth and trappings of power as a way to demonstrate their authority over their client states. Precious metals, gems, and enchanted or otherwise technologically enhanced items covered them.   A tall, lanky people by nature, the An-sarra worked valued strength and agility. The appearance of power required them to exhibit an elegant muscular physique capable of quick and decisive action without excess. Their form needed to look effortless in contrast to their clothing.   Metal work, exotic stone sculptures and lavish artwork covered in the interiors and exteriors of most every building. They represented great heroes, saints, and sages from myth and history, as well as lofty abstract pieces meant to embody important ideas.   Anything that appeared weak, feeble, or poor were described as ugly or shameful. With all the wealth flooding the empire, even the lowest officer kept up appearances.

Gender Ideals

The An-sarra had a very nuanced understanding of gender, and had five recognized genders.
  • Mi-sal: Female
  • Luh-sal: Male
  • Nu-mina: Non-binary
  • Akirri: Fluid
  • Nu-se: Nonconforming
  These categories go back to the earliest days of the kingdom of An-lil, so as a result they didn’t have rigid roles, expectations, or standards for their citizens based on their gender identity or expression.

Courtship Ideals

With the An-sarra’s focus on power and prestige, they focused on family lineage and fidelity, though they understood that concept differently from most of the other people’s of the galaxy.   Casual intimate relations were not discouraged. Marriage was a formal adoption of another into the family, making them a dumu-urum (guarded child), which allowed them use the family name and prestige. This form of adoption or patronage was also used to take in new members who had no intimate relationships with the family at all.   Divorce was a banishment from the family, making the individual dumu-kahm. Their former family name would not be restored and they would take the name Nu-a-mu until adopted back into their birth family or another.   All of these services were officiated by Ara-din clerics.


Related Ethnicities

Mulin, Sen, Shinari



Home world: An-uras

Diet: Omnivores

Language: Eme-an

Religions: Ara-din

Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Related Myths

Descendant and Related Cultures


San-na (descriptor)

You are the descendant of the An-sarra.

  • +4 to Intellect

  • Skill: You are trained in a limited range psionic skill, choose one: Empathy, Precognition, Premonition, Psychometry, Telepathy.

  • Skill: You are trained in a limited range psionic skill, choose one: Empathy, Precognition, Premonition, Psychometry, Telepathy.

If the Player choses the same skill twice it levels up to specialized


Articles under An-sarra

The An-lil Kingdom Period

1507 BN 1264 BN

  • 0 AKP

    Brothers Bara Shes-gal and Bara Ban-da found the city of Anshan, and with it the An-lil Kingdom

  • 226 AKP

    Bara Thulugal, the last king, was assassinated on the floor of the parliament chamber.
    Military action

  • 226 AKP

    243 AKP

    The An-lil War of Succession

The An-lil Republic Period

1263 BN 782 BN

  • 0 ARP

    Gal-di and her Convocation Party won the War of Succession and formed the An-lil Republic.
    Political event

  • 266 ARP

    After the Nimgan discovered fields of Hyperion in their territory and began testing its uses, the An-lil set their eyes on space.
    Discovery, Scientific

    Additional timelines
  • 268 ARP

    Edin discovered Hyperion
    Discovery, Exploration

  • 269 ARP

    An-lil diplomats secured a treaty with Edin to jointly research the properties and uses of Hyperion in exchange for An-lil’s defense of the tiny nation.
    Diplomatic action

  • 273 ARP

    The An-lil complete the first successful orbit of An-uras.
    Discovery, Scientific

  • 291 ARP

    An-lil landed on their moon, U-sakar.

  • 296 ARP

    An-lil probes passed through the asteroid belt and discovered the Garra, an interstellar species.
    Discovery, Exploration

    Additional timelines
  • 310 ARP

    312 ARP

    The An-lil managed to send a delegation to the Garra, and made a deal with them to provide them with transportation in exchange for care and feeding.
    Diplomatic action

    Additional timelines
  • 347 ARP

    The An-lil scientist Su-urum Silim discovers Jump Gate Technology.
    Discovery, Scientific

    Additional timelines
  • 348 ARP

    352 ARP

    The An-sarra bring the first jump gate online
    Construction beginning/end

    Additional timelines
  • 359 ARP

    The An-sarra Jump Gate system came online.
    Construction beginning/end

    Additional timelines
  • 365 ARP

    375 ARP

    The An-sarra conquest of the Raqqosa
    Military action

    Additional timelines
  • 391 ARP

    398 ARP

    An-sarra conquest of the Ceovermel
    Military action

    Additional timelines
  • 429 ARP

    438 ARP

    An-sarra conquest of the Asqer
    Military action

    Additional timelines
  • 450 ARP

    454 ARP

    An-sarra conquest of the Lainnyon
    Military action

    Additional timelines
  • 466 ARP

    474 ARP

    An-sarra conquest of the Vergess
    Military action

    Additional timelines
  • 479 ARP

    482 ARP

    The War of the Dragon Banner

    Additional timelines

The An-ki Imperial Period

781 BN 1 AN

  • 300 AIP

    The An-sarra resettle Zath refugees on Shar-ushum
    Population Migration / Travel

    The term refugee is a euphemism for the forced resettlement of the Zath that they themselves adopted as a part of their historical identity.

    More reading
    Additional timelines
  • 502 AIP

    The citizens of the world of Shar-ushum, known as the San-pa-usan, declared their independence from the An-sarra Empire.

    Additional timelines
  • 526 AIP

    530 AIP

    The San-pa-usan War for Independence
    Military action

    Additional timelines
  • 634 AIP

    658 AIP

    The Ministry of the Prophet Lagar in Kankal
    Religious event

    Additional timelines
  • 656 AIP

    The An-sarra emperor grants permission for the Tur-unu to build a temple in Anshan
    Religious event

    Additional timelines
  • 689 AIP

    The Shabra of the Tur-unu Faith declares that the An-sarra must repent and turn to the one true faith or the judgement prophesied by Lagar will befall them.
    Religious event

    Additional timelines
  • 777 AIP

    The Shabra of the Tur-unu Faith leads his people from An-uras based on his interpretation of the Prophecies of prophet Lagar.
    Religious event

    Additional timelines
  • 781 AIP


    An-mul, The Star in the An-sarra home system goes nova.
    Disaster / Destruction

    More reading
    The Dark Nova
    Additional timelines


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