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Reluraun Crystals (reɪ'-luː-rɑːn)

Reluraun Crystals are collected by the wealthy as a status symbol because of their rarely and beauty but have many other profitable uses such as batteries and the enchantment of nin-a-ru.   They are rare and do not form on most worlds and have never been discorvered on asteroids or other interstellar objects. Worlds with life are more likely to produce these crystals, but there is no connection between the types of lifeforms extant on the world or even the amount of time life has existed on the world.  


Material Characteristics

Reluraun Crystals form in descrete crystals and rarely cluster in their formation. They do not possess a uniform crystal structure and contain numerous inclusions that alter their structure and the plain of the crystalline lattice allowing these crystals to contain energy and losing only a little as it radiates through as color and light. The more charge contained in the crystal, the more colorful and the brighter they shine.  

Physical & Chemical Properties

Reluraun Crystals are valuable for batteries and the construction of Nin-a-ru, enchanted items infused with the power of The Great Mystery to achieve a specific effect.   These crystals are particularly good at making such artifacts, especially in the construction of Im-sarra, teaching crystals that contain instruction and sometimes experiences.  

Geology & Geography

They have never been discovered in ore veins like other materials and appear to precipitate from the walls of caves.  

Origin & Source

The exact cause and method that produces these crystals is unknown, but they seem to either form in caves on the substrate likely to produce caves. It is possible that the reaction responsible for their creation requires a gaseos catalyst.  
Technically colorless, but their prismatic nature causes them to glimmer with a full spectrum of colors.
Melting / Freezing Point
3500 °C

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