The Onori (ɔː-noʊ-riː)

The Onori believe honor and wealth are the same thing. Wealth brings power and together these demonstrate ones honor and prestigue. As a result, one should only trust an Onor if their goals align with their financial interests.   Originating as the Onori Trade Consortium on Nagantu, the megacorp grew into a monopoly who used its power and influence over the religions and entertainment industries to secure their status and reform the population in their own image. In time, the pretense of a government faded away, and only the Ononri Consortium remained.   The Onori learned that if they maintain a steady despairation among their population with the allure of escape and promotion set before them they could control them and exploit and extract the wealth and labor they required.   The Onori Trade Consortium was founded by Sheto Onori and control of the board has mostly stayed in the family ever since.   The board has desided it is time for the Consortium to expand.
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