San is an internal power that exists in all things, not just the living or the dead, but the stone, the fire, the water. Everything that is has San. It is most commonly understood as a strength that can be cultivated and matured within the individual and and power that can be harness from exterior sources. While the various sects of the Urugal define it differently and even call it by different names, it is one and the same. It is the vital essence of a thing, taking on the character and qualities it finds in its host.   While not foreign to the history and cultures of other worlds, the An-sarra concept of San spread under their empire and supplanted most native beliefs in the sphere of influence. To the An-sarra, San was the literal spirit of a person, place, or thing. They believed even some ideas possessed San. One learned to commune with their own San and the San of nature as a way to bring harmony to themselves and their lives.   San has been called: vitality, life force, energy, flow, breath, quintessence, aether, and elan, just to name a few titles it has received.   No moral, ethical, or other judgements are made about the nature of San. A storm exerts its San in its wind, rain, thunder, and lightening. It just does as it does. To say otherwise would be to ignore how fundamental an energy it is to the cosmos.   It is not a unified or unifying force in the same way that lightning is electricity but electricity is not exclusively lightning. Simply, it is the innate energy of a thing that reflects the qualities of the thing itself at its most fundamental nature.   Balanced San is a sign of health.

The Cultivated Arts

The use of San is central to the cultivated artsof the galaxy.
Metaphysical, Arcane


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